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FDA Warns Antipsychotic Drug Can Cause Compulsive Behaviors

NBC Nightly News | Published on May 6, 2016

The use of aripiprazole, which is found in medications like Abilify, may lead to “uncontrollable urges to gamble, binge eat, shop, and have sex,” the FDA is warning.

Have You Sustained Gambling Losses From Taking Abilify?
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What is Abilify?

Abilify pillsAbilify, otherwise known as aripiprazole, is an antipsychotic medication. The way that it works is by changing the actions of the chemicals that are in the brain. Abilify uses a different mechanism than other drugs like it prescribed for similar issues. Most antipsychotics will shut down the dopamine receptors in the brain whereas Abilify works by helping those receptors function properly.

It is commonly prescribed to treat the symptoms of psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorders. It has also been known to treat irritability, aggression, mood swings, temper tantrums, and self-injury in autistic children. Unfortunately, it is alleged that abilify has been causing serious side effects.

Most Common Alleged Abilify Side Effects

    the use of the anti-psychotic medication Abilify can cause compulsive behaviors such as gambling

  • Compulsive behaviors such as compulsive gambling
  • Stroke
  • Seizures
  • Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome – a life threatening neurologic disorder
  • Anaphylaxis – a sudden serious allergic reaction
  • Tardive Dyskinesia – involuntary muscle movements in the face, tongue, or body

If you or a loved one have suffered from compulsive behavior after taking this drug you should contact an experienced Abilify lawyer as soon as possible.

Abilify and The FDA

  1. November 2002 – FDA approval for the use and treatment of schizophrenia.
  2. March 2005 – FDA approval for treatment and maintenance of bipolar disorder.
  3. November 2007 – FDA approval as an add-on treatment for major depressive disorder in people who weren’t responding well to their normal anti-depressant medication.
  4. May 2008 – FDA approval for the treatment of pediatric patients with bipolar disorder and/or schizophrenia.
  5. November 2009 – FDA approval for the treatment of irritability associated with autism.

What is the FDA Doing About Abilify Side Effects?

From the time that Abilify was first released to the market until now there have been many side effects warnings released by the FDA.

Safety Warnings:

  • In 2004 it was linked to Diabetes and Hyperglycemia – in this case the FDA required that the manufacturers add warnings to the medication labels that it increased the risk of diabetes and hyperglycemia.
  • In 2007 it was linked to suicide in younger patients – the FDA required the addition of a black box warning to be added to the label stating that Abilify increased the risk of suicide in patients that are younger than 24.
  • In 2008 it was linked to death in elderly patients – the FDA required the manufacturer to update the labels to include a black box warning regarding the increased risk of death in older patients when used to treat dementia.
  • In 2011 it was linked to problems in newborn babies – the FDA required that woman who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant be aware that this medication may cause abnormal muscle movement and withdrawal symptoms in infants who are exposed to the drug during the third trimester.

Have You Sustained Gambling Losses While Taking Abilify?
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Abilify Lawsuits Against the Manufacturer

Abilify Lawsuits should be handled by Experienced Abilify LawyersIt is alleged in a number of lawsuits that the addiction that is caused by Abilify motivates people to gamble compulsively and by means necessary. They will even go as far as to continue doing so even if they can’t afford it any more. They will borrow money from friends and family, and gamble on credit cards. While this type of side effect might not cause physical harm, it can cause psychological suffering and ruin people’s lives.

In some cases, it is alleged that people are left with large amounts of debt after compulsive gambling caused by Abilify. These people may have the option to file lawsuits against Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company and Bristol-Myers Squibb (the manufacturers of Abilify) to compensate for their losses.

Manufacturers of medications like Abilify have a duty to inform the public about any damaging side effects of drugs they create and put on the market. However, sometimes the warning comes too late and people suffer.

Why Does Abilify Lead to Compulsive Behavior?

It is alleged that Dopamine is the reason. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is located in the central nervous system which is acting within the brain to help regulate emotion. It plays an active role in the pleasure centers in the brain controlling the expression of love, lust, addiction and pleasure. Excessive or more than normal levels of dopamine can influence compulsive behaviors such as compulsive gambling. Abilify is a partial dopamine agonist; it acts on the same nerves in the brain that are normally activated by dopamine. Increasing and stimulating the levels of dopamine can be linked to compulsive behavior, including gambling.

There have been some reports in which patients who are taking Abilify have experienced the development of a gambling habit. According to the journal, Current Drug Safety, research explained that in all of the cases which were reported the compulsive gambling ceased when the patient stopped taking Abilify. Other compulsive behavior has been linked to patients taking Abilify such as overeating, shopping, and sex addiction. After the patient has stopped taking the medication the compulsions go away.

Have You Developed a Compulsive Gambling Behavior After Taking Abilify?

People who are suffering from this compulsion adjust their lives to support it including their finances, and time. They are preoccupied with gambling and the money they need to gamble.

If they are not gambling they are thinking about the next time they will be able to gamble, it is completely life consuming. Things that were once priorities in these patients’ lives such as family, friends, and work now take a second place to gambling.

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