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If you have been injured from a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering, among other losses. Our experienced slip and fall lawyers in Brockton can file a lawsuit for you and they charge no fee unless you receive a settlement or award. For a free (no obligation) case evaluation, please contact our office toll free or fill out a contact form on our site.

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What Is a Slip and Fall Case Worth?

In a slip and fall case, the party held responsible will be forced to pay you for your losses. These losses usually include the following:

What Are Examples Of Our Best Slip and Fall Settlements?

Our firm has a history of helping to get good results for these kinds of cases. We maintained joint responsibility with another lawyer to obtain a $300,000 settlement for a client, who slipped and fell in the icy parking lot of a motel. Here are some of our other best settlements for slip and fall victims.

What Fee Does Our Firm Charge?

Our Brockton slip and fall lawyers charge a 1/3 fee, but they do not charge you unless we win your case and get you money.

What Does Slip and Fall Really Mean?

Woman injured from Slipping and Falling on an Icy Surface and needing a Brockton slip and fall lawyerA “slip and fall” case can arise from many kinds of preventable injuries. They are usually referred to as slip and falls because the most common cases come from slipping and falling, but other situations, such as trip and falls, and stumble and falls are in the same category. Property owners must ensure that their properties are safe and sometimes they do not even need to be aware of the dangerous condition in order to still be held responsible for it. Read more.

Did You Slip and Fall at Someone’s Residence?

If you slipped and fell at someone’s home, apartment, or some other residence, you may be able to file a slip and fall lawsuit. Many people hesitate to file a claim against someone they may know, but often times there is homeowner’s insurance that will cover your injuries so that led to your injury. Read more.

What If You Slipped and Fell at a Government Property?

a Brockton slip and fall lawyer can help you with your lawsuit if you have been injured on government propertyIf you slip and fall at a government building, you still may be able to file a slip and fall lawsuit. Even though government entities have more protection from these kinds of lawsuits, they are still required to provide a safe property for everyone who enters. Read more.

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