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New Bedford Personal Injury Lawyer
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If you are located in or near New Bedford, Massachusetts and have suffered a personal injury, then you should contact d’Oliveira & Associates. We have a fully staffed office located at 930 Kempton St., New Bedford, MA 02740 near the beautiful Buttonwood Park. Robin Gouveia is the managing attorney at the New Bedford office and she has been practicing disability and injury law for over 15 years. She oversees the office staff of paralegals, an investigator, and other support staff who are ready to talk to you about your potential claim. Please call our office at (508) 984-8400 to ask any questions, or click here for a virtual tour our office.

New Bedford Personal Injury Lawyers

new bedford personal injury lawyerd’Oliveira & Associates has over 25 years of experience handling auto accident, disability, personal injury, and other claims. Our New Bedford personal injury attorneys take a client-centered approach to legal representation by being available to meet with our clients and regularly updating them on the status of their case. We work hard towards obtaining favorable settlements and awards as soon as possible.

New Bedford Auto Accident Lawyers

new bedford auto accident lawyerWith New Bedford ranking as the sixth most populous city in the State of Massachusetts, it is no surprise that auto accidents are a common occurrence in the busy and thriving metropolis. Unfortunately, the amount of fatal accidents and vehicles has been increasing above the Massachusetts’ average over the past several years. Because of the risk of an auto accident increases with the number of people on the road, it is no surprise that in a list of the 200 most dangerous intersections and accident-prone roads, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, included several locations in New Bedford. If you have been involved in a New Bedford auto accident, you should contact and a New Bedford auto accident attorney. An experienced car crash lawyer can help navigate you through the complex legal process. Learn More…

New Bedford Medical Malpractice Lawyers

new bedford medical malpractice lawyerIn a 2012 analysis of nationwide medical malpractice, Massachusetts alone saw 305 reports of medical malpractice committed by healthcare providers and their insurers paid over $162 million. Whether you an emergency room patient or you have previously planned a medical procedure to be done, there is a common expectation that the doctors are trustworthy and will not make a mistake. The unfortunate truth is that human error can manifest itself as a mistake during diagnosis or surgery and can leave patients with serious injuries. A medical malpractice claim is centered on the failure of a medical care provider to maintain its duty of care to the patients, who have entrusted their health to the doctor. The medical malpractice attorneys at our firm stand ready to help you recover for any injuries that you have suffered because of medical malpractice. Learn More…

New Bedford Social Security Disability Lawyers

new bedford social security lawyerPersons who have suffered an injury or a medical condition that has left them disabled and unable to work may qualify for monthly disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. The New Bedford Social Security Office located at 53 North 6th Street handles a substantial number of claims from residents of this populous city. Because the Administration often turns down many applicants who apply on their own, the Social Security Disability attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates have helped many citizens of New Bedford get them the benefits they deserve. With years of experience and an outstanding history of working for disabled clients, d’Oliveira & Associates is ready to help you and your family through this appeals process. Learn More…

  • The Social Security office located at the Hasting Keith Federal Building, 53 North 6th Street, New Bedford, MA 02740.

New Bedford Dog Bite Lawyer

new bedford dog bite lawyerThe dog bite attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates handling accidents, attacks, and dog bites in New Bedford have been fighting for the rights of victims for years. In 2013, New Bedford Dog Bite Attorney Robin Gouveia helped an injured child receive a settlement of $100,000. Additionally, in late 2012, one of Attorney Gouveia’s New Bedford clients received an award of $95,000 after suffering a dog bite injury. Our experienced personal injury and dog bite attorneys work to provide our clients with thorough legal representation and will work towards getting you the compensation that you deserve. Learn More…

New Bedford Nursing Lawyers

new bedford nursing home lawyerAbuse and neglect in nursing homes by those doctors and care providers that have been entrusted with caring for our loved ones is a serious issue. Unfortunately, cases of nursing home abuse often go unnoticed or unreported. Fortunately, with increased awareness of the risks of neglect or abuse by nursing home employees to loved ones living at these centers, there is a better chance of understanding the signs and symptoms. The New Bedford nursing home attorneys are working to increase accountability for these unfortunate events and hold those persons accountable. Working with some of the leading attorneys handling these cases today, the New Bedford attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates can help you and you loved ones receive the compensation you deserve. Learn More…

    Nursing Homes located in New Bedford include:

  • Hallmark Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
  • Hathaway Extended Manor Care
  • Taber Street Nursing Home

New Bedford Slip and Fall Attorney

new bedford slip and fall lawyerLocated on the waterfront, New Bedford serves as an important national hub for the fishing industry and it has many activities and restaurants that offer great views. It is unfortunate then that many people enjoy days off and nights out in the city are at risk of suffering a slip and fall injury. With many public, private, and commercial centers along the waterfront and throughout the city of New Bedford, there are varying standards that property owners are expected to abide by in maintaining their premises to ensure that persons on the property do not slip and fall. If you or someone you know has suffered a slip and fall injury, it may be difficult to determine who is at fault. However, the New Bedford slip and fall attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates have years of experience handling these cases and ensuring that their clients get the awards they deserve. Learn More…

New Bedford Worker’s Compensation Attorney

new bedford workers comp lawyerThe City of New Bedford, Massachusetts is known throughout the nation as being one of the most important and busiest fishing cities has been called the “Whaling City.” As such an important fishing hub, the amount of businesses engaged, either directly or indirectly, in this industry employs a significant portion of the population. Because of this, it is very important that adequate worker’s compensation laws and worker’s compensation attorneys ensure that businesses do not take advantage of employees or have the ability to escape liability for those employees who are injured on the job. Learn More…

  • Visit the Massachusetts Workers Compensation Web Site to learn more about filing a claim. The closest office is the Department of Industrial Accidents at 1 Father Devalles Blvd., Fall River, MA 02723 and can be contacted at (508) 676-3406.

New Bedford Admiralty and Maritime Attorney

new bedford maritime lawyerBecause of New Bedford’s location on the waterfront, the city became known throughout the nation as one of the most important fishing and whaling communities on the east coast. With the maritime industry continuing to thrive in New Bedford, maritime and admiralty claims still frequently arise as accidents occur at sea. Because the Jones Act, which was passed in in 1920s, protects the rights of seamen working on these U.S. fishing vessels, contacting a specialized maritime attorney or admiralty attorney is crucial when dealing with any maritime claim as they know the specific procedures and courts that apply to maritime incidents.
Learn More…

  • The Port of New Bedford has information on commercial fishing, cruises, ferries, recreational boating, and fishing.



d’Oliveira & Associates has helped many New Bedford residents receive compensation by filing personal injury lawsuits, appealing Social Security Disability denials, and seeking workers’ compensation coverage. Our Massachusetts injury and disability lawyers have the experience to pursue one of these legal claims on your behalf. Additionally, our support staff is ready to assist through every step of the legal process. Feel free to contact our law offices at 1-800-992-6878 or fill out a contact form for a free legal consultation.