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d'Oliveira & Associates They took away all the stress I had.

"I really like d'Oliveira & Associates because they took away all the stress I had over my case. They took care of everything. The staff in the East Providence office, including my attorney Robin Gouveia, were all wonderful."

- John C. 5.0
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10 Reasons To Hire d'Oliveira & Associates

1. $200 Million In Settlements...

...and awards and benefits received for our clients. d’Oliveira & Associates has recovered approximately $200 million dollars in settlements, awards, and benefits for our clients. This number represents gross settlements and benefits, such as lump sum and weekly workers’ compensation benefits as well as past due and monthly Social Security Disability benefits. It also includes money received by clients where we maintained joint responsibility over the case after referring it to outside counsel.

2. Over 95% of Our Cases Settle Out of Court...

Although we are experienced advocates, we find that with proper preparation, that we can settle most personal injury cases without ever having to go to court. All cases are different and some cases do need to be tried in a court of law or at arbitration.

3. free telephone or online consultation...

We will give you a free telephone, in person or online consultation. Trust the Rhode Island lawyers to help answer all your questions.

4. Over 25 Years Of Experience...

Attorney Paul d'Oliveira has been practicing personal injury and disability law for over 25 years now. Our Associate Attorneys have all been practicing personal injury and disability law now for a period between 13 and 20 years, so you can rest assured that your attorney here will be very experienced.

5. No Fee Until Your Case Settles...

We charge no legal fees whatsoever or costs we incur such as for investigative costs, medical records, etc. until you get paid.

6. we only handle personal injury & disability cases...

Our law practice is limited to representing personal injury victims and the disabled.  Because this is all we do, we believe we can get you an excellent settlement for your personal injury claim as quickly as possible, or win your disability claim.

7. quick settlements...
Our staff of lawyers and paralegals has a system which is committed to getting your medical bills and reports in as quickly as possible, so we can negotiate an excellent and fair settlement of your personal injury claim.

8. We Speak Spanish...

Our firm has a very friendly Spanish speaking paralegal who can speak to you in your native language. We enjoy helping our Spanish speaking clients.

9. personal attention...

We believe that getting you the money you deserve as quickly as possible is only half of our job as the other half is being an excellent counselor to you to listen to your problems and advise you as to your best legal options.

10. free home or hospital visits...

We will send someone to your home, hospital or place of employment if you choose not to come into one of our law firm offices in Rhode Island or Massachusetts.

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