Type-2 diabetes drug ACTOS or pioglitazone a drug that may cause bladder cancer in peopleActos (pioglitazone hydrochloride) is a prescription drug that helps control blood sugar in adults with type-2 diabetes. It may be sold alone or in combination with glimepiride and metformin. Patients who take this drug may experience muscle pain, sore throat, weight gain, shortness of breath, chest pain, stomach pain or nausea.

FDA Concerns for Actos Side Effects – Actos Banned in European Countries

FDA performing medical studies on the drug ACTOS and researching the risk of cancerIn June 2011, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Drug and Safety Communication bulletin, warning the public that Actos increases the risk of bladder cancer when taken for more than one year and at high dosages. This makes the drug the second medicine in the thiazolidinedione (TZD) family of drugs to be linked with serious side effects. Germany and France previously banned the use of this drug as their studies also pointed to the increased risk of developing bladder cancer in patients who have used it for more than one year.

Actos May Cause Bladder Cancer in Some Patients

The FDA cautioned doctors that they should only prescribe the diabetes drug Actos when the benefits outweigh the risk and side effects. It is important for them to know the medical history of the patient because they cannot prescribe it to those who currently have, or have had, bladder cancer. Patients, on the other hand, are advised to inform their doctors if and when they start to show symptoms of bladder cancer like pain in the stomach, abdomen, or back; blood or red color in urine; or an urgent need to urinate.

Your doctor has the professional responsibility to assess the risk of prescribing Actos or any drug to you depending on your personal circumstances. You may be entitled to compensation for the consequences of a wrongful prescription.


Have You or a Loved One Developed Bladder Cancer While On or Recently After Discontinuing the Diabetes Drug Actos?

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