Tablet of the Antibiotic Lavaquin which can possibly cause serious side effects like Peripheral neuropathyThe Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has failed to do its job. The FDA was aware of the dangers associated with Levaquin for over 12 years and they failed to do anything about it. Levaquin, an FDA approved drug, is prescribed to treat bacterial infections in the lungs and sinuses. However, what the FDA failed to warn about, were the hidden dangers of Levaquin. Tendon ruptures, torn Achilles’ tendons and tendonitis are just some of the many hidden dangers caused by Levaquin. Other, more severe hidden dangers include damage to the nervous system and organ failure.

Levaquin Medical StudiesFinally, on July 8, 2008, the FDA issued a black box warning for Levaquin. The black box warnings were added to inform the public of the increased risk of tendonitis and tendon ruptures. Although the black box warning is the strongest warning given by the FDA; the warning was too little, too late. Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy organization, has been petitioning the FDA to issue Levaquin warnings since 1996. Public Citizen filed a second petition in 2006 in another attempt to get the FDA to comply with its responsibilities. Still the FDA did nothing. It took Public Citizen’s lawsuit against the FDA, before FDA would respond to their petition.

In the ten years between the two petitions, there were nearly 1,000 reported incidents of tendon ruptures and tendonitis. Levaquin or another fluroquinolone drugs have been thought to cause 80% of those injuries. These injuries are severe, painful and occur at any time. Tendon ruptures have been reported while patients are taking Levaquin and even months after they ceased taking Levaquin. The problems associated with Levaquin are even worse for people over the age of 60 and those who have undergone organ transplants. If the FDA had not been so slow to act, many of these current problems could have been avoided.

Levaquin Lawyer meeting with clients suffering from peripheral neuropathy after taking the antibiotic LevaquinWe have received dozens of calls from local citizens who have suffered from Levaquin. This is a widespread problem, affecting many people. The consequences of taking Levaquin are long lasting and life altering. At our firm, we hear from clients who are unable to continue daily activities they once enjoyed because of taking Levaquin. Their injuries are only made worse when they learn about the FDA’s failure to listen to hundreds of complaints about Levaquin and act accordingly. The FDA injured hundreds of people by failing to do its job and protect consumers. For more information about the facts and dangers associated with Levaquin, please check out our website.