Benicar Side Effects Mistaken For Celiac Disease

Benicar (olmesartan) is a medication manufactured by Daiichi Sankyo to treat high blood pressure. Some patients have allegedly suffered severe intestinal side effects after taking the medication. For years, doctors have been misdiagnosing these intestinal side effects of Benicar as Celiac disease because the symptoms for both are very similar. Previously, it was unclear whether these side effects were a result from taking Benicar or actually Celiac disease. A recent study published in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics finds that one key difference between diagnosing Benicar side effects and Celiac disease is gluten.

How are Benicar Side Effects And Celiac Disease Symptoms Similar?

woman being diagnosed with celiac diseaseBoth Benicar and Celiac disease are associated with chronic diarrhea, severe weight loss, vomiting, nausea, dehydration and malnutrition. Since the symptoms are the same for both, doctors often misdiagnose patients taking Benicar with Celiac disease. In these cases, the patients are actually suffering from the side effects of taking Benicar and do not have Celiac disease. As a result, some continue to take Benicar which may lead to further complications. Furthermore, prior to July 2013, doctors struggled to identify the potential causes of these intestinal issues because there were no warnings by the drug manufacturers about the potential link between Benicar and intestinal side effects.

How Are The Causes of Benicar Side Effects and Celiac Disease Different?

The study reports that in both cases of Benicar side effects and Celiac disease, the body responds to a substance that triggers the intestinal problems. For people with Celiac disease, the triggering substance is gluten. For people with Benicar induced intestinal problems, the triggering substance is Benicar itself. However, the body can respond to Benicar the same way Celiac disease patients respond to gluten. This is where confusion occurs because the reaction is mistakenly identified as Celiac disease when in fact Benicar could be the actual cause of the intestinal issues. As a result, many patients continued to take Benicar after mistakenly being diagnosed with Celiac disease and continued to suffer severe diarrhea.

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