New studies have shown that the blood thinner Pradaxa (dibigatran) has been linked to increased risk of internal bleeding and heart trouble, especially in women. These studies, are hot on the heels of the company that makes Pradaxa, reporting sales of $831 billion.

Heart Disease and Internal Bleeding Reported as Pradaxa Side Effects

While older blood thinner medications are easy to “turn off” when a patient is bleeding, Pradaxa cannot be stopped when a patient is bleeding. This deadly side effect of Pradaxa can result in internal bleeding and death. One study showed incidents of Pradaxa being linked to death from internal bleeding and bleeding in the brain.

Side Effects of Pradaxa Worse in Women and the Elderly

One study of the blood thinner Pradaxa showed that women and the elderly were far more likely to suffer serious side effects from the drug. The average age of patients who suffered side effects of Pradaxa was 73.4 years. Among all the members of the study suffering complications from the blood-thinning drug Pradaxa, women were more likely to experience side effects. While women were only 29% of the individuals in the study, 71% of the side effects of Pradaxa were experienced by women.

Please Speak with Your Doctor Before Discontinuing Use of Pradaza or Any Other Prescription Medication.

Have You or a Loved One Had Internal Bleeding or Heart Damage While On Pradaxa?

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