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d’Oliveira& Associates releases its new webpages on NuvaRing, discussing the medical studies that reveal the side effects of the contraceptive ring and how a NuvaRing Attorney can help you.

NuvaRing is a vaginal ring that is inserted into the vagina once a month and is left in place for three weeks. It releases estrogen and progestin, keeping the egg cells from leaving the ovaries, and the sperm from getting to the eggs. The new webpages discuss the reports received by the Food and Drug Administration regarding the adverse side effects linked to the use of the vaginal ring.

In May 2012, for instance, a study conducted by a group of Danish doctors was published by in the British Journal of Medicine. The study analysed a 10-year data submitted by more than 1.6 million women, and compared the consequences of hormonal oral contraceptives to those of contraceptive medical devices. The study revealed that women who use hormonal contraceptive devices such as NuvaRing are three times more exposed to the risk of experiencing blood clots and blood clot-related effects. The webpages also provide several reports of adverse risks linked to the use of NuvaRing such as heart attack, stroke, high blood, breast and ovarian cancer, and gallbladder diseases.

Although it is well known that all hormonal birth controls create a slight risk of blood clots, studies show NuvaRing presents a higher risk of blood clots than other forms of birth control on the market. In June of this year, Research published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that women who used NuvaRing were 2.5 to 3 times more likely to experience heart attacks and strokes compared to women who used other types of hormonal birth control. A study published the month before in the British Medical Journal found that NuvaRing users are 90% more likely to suffer a dangerous blood clot than women taking other oral contraceptives.

In addition to the blood clots mentioned above, NuvaRing has many other severe side effects. Some of the risks of NuvaRing include strokes and heart attached, high blood pressure and heart disease, cancer of the reproductive organs and breast, gallbladder disease, liver tumors, and lipic metabolism and inflammation of the pancreas. The list of less serious side effects is long and includes vaginal infections and irritation, vaginal secretion, headache, weight gain, nausea, vomiting, change in appetite, abdominal cramps and bloating, depression, and skin rash, to name a few.

If you or a loved one has suffered any injury, complication or disability from the use of NuvaRing, d’Oliveira & Associates is working with many experienced NuvaRing attorneys to help you. We take pride of more than 25 years of experience in the field of personal injury and disability. We work with experts in proving a claim against manufacturers and marketers of a product, drug or device. You may call the NuvaRing Attorneys at our hotline, 1-800-992-6878 or visit any of our 15 locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for a free initial consultation.

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