Skechers Shape-ups, which have thick and curved soles, have been marketed as designed to train the muscles and to burn more calories. The shoes are said to provide its users with efficient energy use and better motion with each step, greatly improve weight-loss, cardiovascular health, and also improve muscle tone in the wearer’s legs, buttocks and stomach.

Skechers Toning Shoes Claims

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced in May 2012 that Skechers had to pay $40 million as settlement for deceptive advertising. The FTC charged the California-based shoemaker with making unsubstantiated claims about the shoes’ effects after finding flaws in the cited research. The FTC’s investigation was commenced in response to a consolidated lawsuit of 70 suits filed across 40 states that claimed that the shoes caused muscle and tendon injuries, stress fractures, fall injuries, and even disruptions with its users’ natural walk.

Skechers Toning Shoes Lawsuit

d’Oliveira & Associates has a new webpage about Skechers Shape-ups and falls related to the use of such footwear. This page contains general information about Skechers Shape-ups, the advertised purpose, as well as the risks associated with the use of Skechers’ rocker-bottom sole shoes. Any type of injury may be sustained from using these shoes, such as broken legs, hips, knees, or ankle joints. Some consumers have also reported incidents of neck injuries, head injuries, muscle tears and even brain injuries. The webpage also contains information on what you should do if you suffered an injury while wearing Skechers Shape-ups. The most important thing is to make sure that you consult a personal injury attorney so that you know your rights.

The new webpage also provides useful information to consumers who were deceived into believing that Shape-ups are safe and will properly train a wearer to maintain balance. If you or a loved one has suffered any Sketchers Shape-ups injury, you may be entitled to receive significant compensation. Visit our page about Sketchers Shape-Ups and falls, and contact us to find out if you have a potential claim against Sketchers.

Have You Been Injured From Using Skechers Toning Shoes?

The Skechers lawsuit attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates urge anyone who has purchased the falsely marketed toning shoes and have been injured in any way by wearing them to contact them now. They are working with some of the leading defective product attorneys in the nation who are handling these cases. They want to protect all consumers of the Sketcher’s Shape-Ups and other toning shoe brands to understand that they are entitled to compensation.

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