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Tylenol (generic name acetaminophen) has been in the news in recent years because patients who have been injured by this drug are now speaking up about its dangers. A recent news story followed the struggle of the Trunk family to cope with the death of their son and subsequent efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of “acetaminophen toxicity.” According to the story, Marcus Trunk died at the age of twenty-three from this type of poisoning.

Liver damage is a side effect from overusing Tylenol and leads to Tylenol LawsuitsHe was prescribed a drug which contained codeine and 300 milligrams of acetaminophen after suffering a work injury. When he returned to work he then took Tylenol containing 325 milligrams. The high doses of this drug caused him to suffer flu-like symptoms so he took Thera-ful which contains 650 milligrams per dose. He then went to the hospital where he was prescribed even more Tylenol. The high doses of this drug resulted in his death on April 24, 1995.

Marcus’s story highlights a very serious danger, which is, the general public does not know which products contain acetaminophen. This active ingredient is included in more than 600 products so it would be unrealistic to expect the general public to be familiar with each. Since Marcus’s death, his mother, Kate Trunk, has been pushing for more explicit warnings on medicines containing acetaminophen. In 2001, she told her son’s story at an FDA hearing and urged the panel to require “specific warnings and larger font sizes.” Her son’s Tylenol lawsuit was finally resolved in 2007 and Kate Trunk is happy to see that changes are being made but the pain of losing a son never goes away (i).

New Warning on Extra Strength Tylenol Caps

Tylenol or acetaminophen overdoses are the center of many Tylenol lawsuitsOne such change being implemented is that all bottles of Tylenol Extra Strength will now have a bright red warning on each cap reading, “Contains acetaminophen. Always read the label.” The hope is that this change will reduce the number of people who are injured due to overdoses (ii). However, for people who have already suffered liver damage or failure, this new warning comes too late. And, some would argue that McNeil and its parent company Johnson & Johnson have only added this warning because of the bad press that Tylenol has received in recent years. Whatever the motivation behind the cap change, it is clear that the public needs more education about the dangers of overdosing on this medicine.

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