Tylenol (acetaminophen) is an over-the-counter drug used to reduce pain, fever, and a variety of other symptoms related to allergies and illness. Tylenol was originally approved in 1951 and was first marketed in 1953. It is manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, which is now a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Unfortunately, the FDA has issued warnings that the acetaminophen class of drugs may cause liver damage in some cases and the agency has even taken steps to limit the dosage of these drugs. In January 2011, the FDA limited acetaminophen products to 325 milligrams per dosage unit. The agency also included a black box warning about the “potential for severe liver failure.”

The Tylenol infographic illustrates side effects and statistics regarding the drug. In fact, Adverse Events, an organization that standardizes these FDA adverse event reports, has investigated thousands of these reports from patients who took Tylenol. Adverse Events found that there were 48,401 patients who were hospitalized after taking Tylenol. Of these hospitalizations, 7,884 cases were life-threatening. Learn more about Tylenol by visiting the webpage and viewing the infographic: Tylenol Infographic.

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