Nursing home residents who have been the victim of abuse or neglect often display fears because of the abuse that may seem unusual to others. We are working with some of the leading nursing home neglect lawyers and a claim can be filed on your behalf to compensate you or a loved one. There is no fee until you receive an award or a settlement. Please contact us for a free consultation either online or call us toll free at 1-800-992-6878.

Elderly woman with Unusual Fears

Has a Loved One Experienced an Unusual Fear While in a Nursing Home?
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Abuse can occur in many settings, including both verbal and physical abuse. Examples often include sexual abuse related to bathing, physical abuse of patients who do not comply with staff orders, and verbal abuse from staff that grows angry or frustrated with patients. Nursing home staff members are trusted caregivers and expected to display respect for residents at all times, and abuse and neglect demonstrate a failure to properly carry out the job.

elderly-man-aloneUnusual fears develop when an elder is exposed to abuse and neglect. In order to avoid a repeat of the kind of abuse that has occurred in the past, patients often grow afraid of the things that led to the abuse. For example, a patient who had been sexually abused by a staff member assisting them in the shower may develop a fear of showers. Another patient who was abused by a staff member while on a walk outside may manifest a fear of going outside.