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A New Bedford, MA man obtained a $110,000 settlement from the SIG Insurance Co. of MA. While working with heavy machinery, he herniated two (2) discs in his lower back. d’Oliveira & Associates remained jointly responsible with another Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation attorney, who got the client a lump sum settlement with the insurance company.

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira said, “Six figure settlements are few and far between these days after Massachusetts changed their workers compensation laws many years ago. I am glad this man was able to get a six figure settlement and move on with his life.”

Workers’ Compensation is an insurance program that provides benefits to an employee, who is injured while on the job. This compensation is available whether or not the employer was at fault. Your employer’s insurance company will compensate about 2/3 of your lost earnings, medical costs, and in serious injury cases, provide you with a lump sum settlement. Additionally, you may be eligible to receive other benefits, including money for permanent scarring and job retraining.

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