Zimmer Hip Replacement Implant

A Plainville, MA man obtained a $137,000 settlement for his Zimmer Hip Replacement lawsuit. d’Oliveira & Associates maintained joint responsibility with a Plymouth, MA Zimmer Hip attorney, who settled the case out of court. The client experienced extreme pain after the cup from the implant dislocated from his hip bone.

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira said, “We have seen so many people have serious complications from defectively designed hip and knee implants, among so many other defective medical devices like hernia mesh patches and contraceptive devices. I simply do not understand why these multi-billion dollar companies are not more diligent in testing these devices before they mass produce them. It is sad to see that after all these years, so many big corporations simply do not care about how many people they injure.”

Zimmer hip implants have had reports of numerous complications, including device loosening, stiffness and pain, reduced range of motion, and metallosis. Many who experience these complications must undergo revision surgeries to fix. It is important to monitor how your hip implant feels and watch for signs of corrosion, which can include squeaky joints, pain, and difficulty moving. These signs should never be overlooked as they can lead to serious injuries.

Two clients talking to a personal injury lawyer with regards to a Zimmer Hip Implant

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