Damaged motorcycle after accident with a car

A motorcycle accident claim can be hard to prove since the other person’s insurance company usually states that their driver was not entirely at fault. The other driver may try to say they never saw the motorcycle coming which adds to this denial of fault. It is imperative to follow these three (3) important things to best help your motorcycle accident claim.

  1. Take evidence from the scene of the accident – If it is possible, make sure to gather the information from the other driver including name, contact information and insurance. Take pictures from the scene of the accident including your property damage and visible injuries. If there were any witnesses in the area, get statements from them as well as their contact information. All of these will be useful to your motorcycle accident lawyer.    
  2. Get medical attention right after – Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. Even if it does not appear that you were seriously injured, you should still get checked out as some injuries do not manifest until days or even weeks later. This step will also be evidence you can present for your motorcycle accident claim. Give all of the details to your doctor about how you were injured so they can document everything properly.
  3. Speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer – Especially since these accidents can be difficult to prove, it is to your benefit to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer to assist you. If you follow the above two (2) steps, you will make this a very smooth process for your lawyer. Let them focus on your case while you focus on what is important; your recovery.

What are some of our firms Best Motorcycle Accident Settlements?  

Hiring a lawyer for your motorcycle accident case will increase the chances of recovering the compensation you deserve. d’Oliveira & Associates has been successfully handing these types of cases and getting favorable settlements for our clients. Here are just a few of our best settlements:   

$300,000 Settlement – Attorney Laura Cameron settled this case for a Warwick, RI man who was cut off by a driver who turned in front of him.

$250,000 Settlement – Attorney D. Robin Gouveia settled this case for a Portsmouth, RI man who sustained serious injuries after he was thrown from his motorcycle after a car collided with him.

$100,000 Settlement – Attorney Cara Gallucci settled this case for a Woonsocket, RI man who needed multiple surgeries after has was hit by a car.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today! 

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to obtain compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other losses. Whether you need a Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer or a Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, d’Oliveira & Associates is ready to evaluate your case. Call us toll-free at 1-(508) 252-8510 or fill out a contact form online for a free (no obligation) case evaluation.

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