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If you were injured while on the job, many things get called into question. You may wonder if you can continue working so you can support yourself and your family. Or you may ask how you will pay for your medical bills? This is where workers’ compensation steps in. Also referred to as workmans’ compensation, this employee insurance program provides benefits to employees if they were injured at work, regardless if the employer was at fault or not. Much like any personal injury case, there are things to bear in mind immediately following the accident. Here are three (3) of those important things:

  1. Report the incident to your employer – Reporting the incident to your employer begins the process of putting the company on notice that a workplace injury has occurred. Without this initial notification, a workers’ compensation claim can never begin. Anyone can easily say days or weeks later that they were injured on the job. However, that would be your word against anyone else’s. Therefore, always make sure an appropriate person within the company has documented your accident the same day it occurs.    
  2. Get medical attention as soon as possible – Just like failing to report the incident to your employer, failure to get medical attention right after the accident puts your whole case at risk. Getting medical assistance continues the paper trail of how serious your accident is. Going at a later time runs the risk of the insurance company saying your injury could not have been that serious, or that you received your injuries from a separate incident. You owe it to yourself to get checked out immediately so you can be on the road to recovery and safeguard your workers’ compensation claim.   
  3. Speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer – Even if you do everything you are supposed to do, things still come up that can make the situation complicated. It is for this reason that speaking with a workers’ compensation lawyer is to your benefit. While you are on the road to recovery, your workers’ compensation lawyer can handle any legal issues that could arise from your claim.

What are some of our firm’s Best Workers’ Compensation Settlements?  

With our firm’s vast knowledge of workers’ compensation cases, as well as acting as co-counsel, we have a proven track record of giving our clients the best chance at obtaining the compensation they deserve. Here are some of the best settlements received on behalf of our clients.   

$500,000 Settlement – While remaining jointly responsible with a Warwick, RI lawyer, this case was settled for a Warren, RI man who was injured while making a delivery. Read More

$450,000 Settlement – Our firm maintained joint responsibility with another lawyer for a Rhode Island man who was injured while he unloaded a truck.

$200,000 Settlement – Attorney D. Robin Gouveia jointly represented a Pawtucket, RI man who fell on the job and injured his lower back, which required surgery.

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