Product Liability case caused by a defective product

A defective product can cause injury or even death. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that their products are completely safe for the public’s use. When they fail to do this, a product liability case is made to compensate for losses and damages. There are important steps to take when dealing with a potential product liability case. Here are three (3) things to keep in mind:

  1. Preserve the evidence – Make sure the product is secured in a safe location so it cannot be tampered with. If the product had any literature with it, make sure those are also preserved as evidence down the line. Save any receipt(s) pertaining to the purchase of the product. If this was a registerable item, or if it had any warranties for it, have those on hand to further prove you purchased this product.  
  2. Check websites for safety information and recalls – A simple Google search can begin showing you what may be going on with a specific product. The FDA’s website ( is a great resource to find if a product was recalled and also give instructions on what to do about the product if it was indeed recalled.  
  3. Get medical treatment – If your use of a specific product has injured you, seek out medical help as soon as possible. This will not only get you on the road to recover, but it will also serve as evidence for your product liability case that you were indeed injured from the use of the product in question.

What Types of Product Liability are there?  

There are three (3) ways a product can be considered defective, and therefore bring a potential product liability case:

Defective Hip Replacement product
  1. Defective design – This is when the product was built according to a faulty plan. This would mean that all products made would be considered defective.
  2. Manufacturing defect – This is when the design was right but there was an issue when making the product. 
  3. Inadequate warnings – This happens when the manufacturer does not provide enough warnings to keep the user safe.

What are some of our Best Product Liability Settlements?  

While remaining jointly responsible, we have referred several product liability cases to highly qualified lawyers across the nation. Here are a few of those settlements.

$400,000 Transvaginal Mesh Patch Settlement – Our firm was jointly responsible in helping a North Grafton, MA woman receive an out of court settlement for her transvaginal mesh patch lawsuit.

$200,000 Transvaginal Mesh Patch Settlement – After seeking our legal advice, we remained jointly responsible for a RI woman who received an out of court settlement for her transvaginal mesh patch lawsuit.   

$137,000 Zimmer Hip Replacement Settlement – d’Oliveira & Associates maintained joint responsibility for a Plainville, MA man who received a settlement for his Zimmer Hip Replacement lawsuit. Read More

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