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Twenty (20) 3M Military Earplug cases, along with five (5) alternates, are set to begin early next year as bellwether trials. With over 100,000 claims reporting permanent hearing loss after the use of these earplugs, this small group will represent the entire class to give both sides an idea of how an actual trial may turn out. U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers, who is presiding over this MDL, has laid out guidelines on how things will transpire.

Parties will need to respond to written discovery by May 15 and core discovery will be complete by July 31. After this is complete, four (4) trial group comprising five (5) cases each will go before juries to be heard, with the other five (5) remaining on standby as alternates. If, after these trials, a settlement is not reached, each case will be sent back to U.S. District Courts to be tried individually in the future.

What Issues have 3M Military Ear Plugs Presented?

Soldier experiencing hearing loss after wearing defective 3M military ear plugs

These claims all have similar allegations that the military earplugs issued to them were defective and caused permanent hearing loss. The plaintiffs indicate that the earplug is too small to seal the ear canal appropriately and that the manufacturer knew about it. Allegedly having this knowledge, and instead of recalling the earplugs, the manufacturers continued to sell them. Nearly every service member was issued a pair.

A $9.1 million settlement has already been reached with the Department of Justice over these earplugs in July 2018. Now, lawsuits look to hold the manufacturers accountable for their defective product.

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