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Juul E-Cigarettes can cause addiction and serious lung related illnesses, among other injuries. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, among other damages. We are working with some of the most knowledgeable Juul E-Cigarette lawyers across the country. There is no charge and no fee unless you get an award or settlement.

According to a national survey, the number of high school seniors who used e-cigarettes increased over 25% between the years of 2010 to 2018. This startling increase is reinforced by the fact that Juul Labs marketed to minors. A warning letter from the FDA to Juul Labs recounts how representatives of Juul went to high schools and told students how much safer their product was in comparison to combustible cigarettes. With a whole new generation becoming addicted to nicotine, Juul E-Cigarette Lawyers are now beginning filing Juul E-Cigarette lawsuits for deceptive marketing towards minors.

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Matt Walton


Before the introduction of e-cigarettes, the number of young people who smoked was on a steep decline. With so many anti-smoking ads and advocates voicing the dangers of smoking, it appeared as though cigarettes would be a thing of the past. Then, a new contender entered ring in the form of e-cigarettes.

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