Collision Avoidance System

Collision mitigation systems (CMS) have recently enjoyed a great deal of success and popularity in the auto industry as a safe and effective way to prevent car accidents. In particular, the systems have been noted to prevent rear end crashes by alerting the driver of the potential danger and then automatically stopping the vehicle if the driver does not react in time. Studies have shown that auto braking technology can help to prevent rear end crashes by up to 40% based on statistical data received by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). However, some recent car accidents reported in the news indicate that these CMS systems do no always work, which raises the question, who is at fault in the case of a CMS failure? With so many cars equipped with this technology, you may want to consult a Pawtucket car accident lawyer.

How do Collision Mitigation Systems Work?

The CMS system is made up of a camera, an electronic sensor, and a video monitoring device. Depending on the model of the vehicle, some systems are equipped with a monitor inside the car to allow the driver see what is behind them while backing up or parking. The system has a specially designed alarm that warns the driver of possible danger. This allows the driver to react to the danger and stop the car on time to avoid an accident. If the driver fails to react on time the system automatically applies the brake to stop the vehicle and avoid collision. This sort of technology has been praised for preventing avoidable injuries and accidents. There have recently been many developments in this area of the auto industry, such as self-driving vehicles. However, the systems are not without flaws themselves, and accidents are still bound to happen.

Who is at Fault if the Collision Mitigation System Fails?

young driver behind the wheel of a car with a collision mitigation systemGenerally, the driver of a vehicle is responsible for controlling the vehicle and can be found at fault for accidents that he or she causes. However, in the wake of technology that automatically takes over control of the car, this can change. CMS systems have been found to have flaws causing them to fail and lead to accidents. A good example of this occurred in Florida, where a driver of a car with a CMS was involved in a serious accident with a truck after the collision warning system failed. Investigators found that the driver had relied too heavily on the CMS, which failed to detect the truck just before the collision. If your vehicle is equipped with a CMS, it is important that you understand how it works and remain vigilant of road and traffic conditions at all times. If you are involved in an accident, it is important to seek the advice of an experience personal injury lawyer who can sort out these legal issues.

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