Attleboro Massachusetts car accident

Recently d’Oliveira & Associates attorney, Cara Gallucci, obtained a $100,000 settlement from Progressive Insurance Company for an Attleboro man, who was injured in a car accident during the course of his employment. Our client came to a complete stop at a cross walk and was suddenly struck from behind by another vehicle. This accident left our client with neck and back pain requiring various medical treatments to help alleviate his pain.  With the assistance of co-counsel, we were able to obtain a workers’ compensation settlement, as well as the Progressive settlement, for this gentleman.

Attorney Cara Gallucci said, “This gentleman’s case was quite challenging due to his age and prior health history.  We were all very happy to have been able to obtain the maximum amount of coverage available for him from the insurance company, and to have been able to get significant reductions in the outstanding liens”

We at d’Oliveira & Associates pride ourselves on helping our clients fully get through the difficult times that come from a personal injury. We understand the challenges one faces when mounting medical bills come and the insurance company is less than cooperative. Our lawyers and staff put their all into ensuring our clients’ needs are completely met. On top of that, we fight diligently to get our clients the best compensation for their losses and injures.

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Attleboro accident victims meeting with their Personal Injury Attorney about their auto accident