During my almost 20 years as a Massachusetts attorney, I have had many occasions to make
referrals of client matters that I could not undertake for one reason or another. About six months ago, however, I had the great pleasure to make a referral of an auto accident case to Attorney Cara Gallucci of d’Oliveira & Associates and the outcome was simply fantastic.

I attended Suffolk: University Law School with Cara for three years and considered her one of my friends. After graduation, we took separate career paths and stayed marginally connected for a number of years. Recently, though, we reconnected and I learned much more about the nature of her practice and about her commitment to her clients.
A client of mine referred her future daughter-in-law to me for an auto accident case.

Unfortunately, I could not represent this young lady, but because she was referred to me by a client of mine it was imperative to send her to someone I knew would treat her with the utmost respect and give her the highest level of representation there is. I immediately thought of Cara and made the referral.  Cara’s representation of this young lady was stellar. Her devotion to her client’s case was readily apparent from the outset and I received wonderful feedback about Cara from my client. In the end, Cara was able to secure an excellent outcome of the case and her client was very happy.

I would highly recommend Cara and her firm to anyone who has been hurt in an accident and who needs a lawyer who is highly qualified, well respected and who will communicate with them and keep them informed throughout the entire representation. And, if you are an attorney who is considering referring someone to a personal injury lawyer, then don’t think twice – send that person to Attorney Cara Gallucci.

Personally, I am looking forward to making many more referrals to Cara in the coming years.