Autonomous Cars

With companies like Tesla, Google and Uber designing and manufacturing automated vehicles that will be used on busy street ways in America, it is vital that the safety of the “driver” and passengers remains the top priority for government agencies that deal with guidelines and safety procedures. This subject stems back to a fatal accident involving the Tesla Model S, which led to an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Although this investigation did not lead to widespread recalls on the software of the vehicle, it did open the door to possible local roadways seeing similar accidents if not corrected. These accidents could lead to Pawtucket car accident lawsuits if not corrected.

What Is Tesla Doing Differently Than Other Car Manufacturers?

TeslaBecause of the amount of automation technology in their vehicles, it is of no surprise that software updates are crucial to the integrity of the motor vehicle. Tesla has blamed many of their accidents and failed test studies to their software, and believes that changes to this could take away the need for recalls on these vehicles in the future. However, the NHTSA says this is not the case, and that Tesla should be reporting recalls for any inconsistencies that the vehicles may have. Because software updates in vehicles involve the motorist to bring their cars into dealerships instead of a wireless update like a smart phone involves, the manufacturers these vehicles should be on high alert and send immediate notifications to those who own the affected vehicles.

Are Automated Vehicles Dangerous?

Google Autonomous Car

Like any vehicle, automated types include many dangers when taken on the road. Although the vehicles are thought to be “self-driving,” this is misleading, as there are still limitations to how automated the vehicles can be at this time. Motorists who become too comfortable with the idea of automated vehicles could relieve their attention from the roads, leading to a greater amount of accidents if a software or mechanical problem existed. Also, with the price of these vehicles at a premium, it is hard to predict how the automated and conventional vehicles will share the road, as an IHS Automotive report indicated that the average age of a vehicle in the United States at 11.5 years old.

Many experts say that car manufacturers are releasing automated vehicles too quickly, especially with the amount of new technology being implemented in these vehicles. Although the dangers seem widespread, many experts also expect that once the major “bugs” and problems with the vehicles are fixed, that the amount of accidents could actually reduce, while creating lower consumptions of fuel and toxic emissions to the environment.

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