Recently, the attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates obtained significant Social Security Disability and monthly child benefits for a Stoughton, MA woman whose case was brought before the Social Security Administration.

denied Back-Due SSD Benefits

The client (whose name is withheld for confidentiality purposes) had been out of work for several years after being employed as a dental associate in various establishments. The client, who was also a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, who had been unable to walk due to the extreme and consistent pain in her legs and knees, underwent numerous corrective surgeries and was still unable to go back to work. The client had twice applied to the Social Security Administration for disability and child benefits and was denied each time.

In another effort to get the support she deserved, the client sought an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney and contacted the law offices of d’Oliveira & Associates. There, Attorney Cara Gallucci was able to successfully bring the client’s claim to the administration and got the client over $5,600 in child benefits, nearly $15,000 in back-due benefits and an additional $1,100 per month for ongoing benefits. Additionally, Attorney Gallucci did not charge the client until she recovered the benefits she was entitled.

Social Security CardAttorney Paul d’Oliveira stated that “I feel attorney Gallucci and her staff did a great job getting this woman the money she deserved. It is unfortunate this poor woman had to wait so long to get the benefits that she had paid for during all the years she worked. And also, that our Federal Government denies so many viable claims because they have accumulated $16 trillion in debt and they continue to borrow an additional $1 trillion dollars every year. The Conservative movement wants to cut social security benefits for disabled and elderly people and they oppose more taxes on Corporate America and the wealthiest Americans, who can certainly afford to pay more. They also want to increase defense spending for more wars in the Middle East. Hopefully President Obama will hold to his pledge to make sure our neediest Americans are taken care of the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share of taxes.”

The client in this case, who had already been denied by the Social Security Administration twice before, applied again in this situation with the help of an experienced social security attorney. Rather than receive another denial, the client was then awarded child support payments, back-due benefits, and additional monthly benefits for life. This highlights how significant a difference the help of an attorney makes in applying to the Social Security Administration for benefits. Not only was the attorney able to get the client a significant retroactive payment and monthly benefits, but the attorney was also able to negotiate a child support payment. In some instances, the Social Security Administration will provide support for the children of disabled parents. In this case, the Administration extended over $5,600 to the child of the disabled client. This case shows how important it is to bring an application for disability benefits before the Social Security Administration with the help of an experienced social security attorney. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the complex and time-consuming process of obtaining benefits from the Administration that typically denies first-time applicants who are without legal assistance.

social-security-lawyerIf you or someone you know is disabled and cannot work, the attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates want you to know that you may qualify for Federal Social Security Disability payments and benefits. d’Oliveira & Associates is a Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts law firm that focuses on disability and personal injury claims, including auto accidents, slip and falls, dog bites as well as social security disability cases. The firm also works with some of the leading attorneys in the United States for dangerous drug, defective medical product and medical malpractice cases.

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