Back Injuries can keep you out of work and you will need social security disability benefits

Individuals who suffer from many different types of bone or musculoskeletal injuries may have trouble keeping a job that requires activity that could risk aggravating the back injury. These injuries may include pain in the back caused by a trauma or physical stress and become painful and chronic. This pain may also keep you out of work. While many who are subject to these injuries want to go back to work and are struggling to make ends meet, back pain can be so severe that going back to work may not be possible.

The Social Security Administration recognizes many different types of back injuries as qualifying someone for Social Security Disability. Some of these back injuries include:

  • woman holding backLumbar Spine Injury:
  • One of the common locations of spinal injuries is the lumbar spine, located in the lower back. These injuries result from sports accidents, car crashes, or from a number of other causes. The different types of fractures are compression fractures, axial burst fractures, flexion fractures, transverse process fractures and fracture dislocations.

  • Spinal Meningitis:
  • Meningitis occurs when any nerve tissue becomes enflamed; when it is in the spine, it is spinal meningitis. The cause of these is usually traced back to an out of control infection. This causes joint swelling and pain in the neck and back. It can be incredibly painful and, if not diagnosed in time, can be life threatening.

  • Stenosis of the Spine:
  • The spine narrows and creates pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves that surround the spinal cord. This is a chronic and painful condition that makes it very difficult to go to work.

  • Cervical Spine Injury:
  • When the cervical spine is fractured or dislocated, it can cause extreme pain. This can happen from whiplash or a fall, and is extremely painful. There are various grades of this injury that range from A to E and have different types of symptoms and severities. Regardless of the severity of the injury, cervical spine injuries can be extremely painful and result in an inability to return to work.

  • Degenerative Disc Disease:
  • The discs in the back tend to break down with age. However, when this process is sped up, or occurs at a younger age, it may qualify as a disease. It is marked by pain in the lower back that then radiates out to the extremities. This disease can have a severe effect on the quality of life of the person suffering from it.

  • man with a back injuriesBack Pain:
  • Back pain is one of the worst pains to have because every movement of the body generally involves the spine. Many people with serious back injuries are unable to return to work because of this pain, even though they want to. Nonspecific back pain is a concern and can severely impact an individual’s ability to work.

  • Bulging/Herniated Disc:
  • One of the discs of cartilage between the bones of the spines is deformed or ruptured. This can occur in the upper back, lower back, or neck, but is most common in the lower back because of the serious strain put on the lower back daily.

  • Pinched Nerves:
  • When the spine has a bulging or herniated disc, and that disc rests up against a nerve, it causes pain in the spine. The pinched-nerve radiates to other parts of the body, usually to the arms and legs.

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