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It is estimated that approximately 80% of adults experience a back injury at some point in their lifetime — 10% of those will experience multiple back injuries. The data of the National Institute of Occupational Safety reveals that back injuries account for approximately 24% of all occupational injuries in the United States.

Automobile and motorcycle accidents most commonly result in back injuries. These are injuries to the muscles, tendons or spinal cord, and may range from simple sprains and strains to crushed vertebrae and torn ligaments, to disc herniation and paralysis.

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While some injuries are relatively simple, the others are debilitating and life-changing, such as a herniated disc, crushed vertebrae, fractured spine, or a torn ligament. Severe complications may also occur when even minor back injury is not treated properly or in a timely fashion. Because injuries to the back, and specifically the spine, often affect a network of the nervous system, back injuries require prompt medical treatment.

Proceeding in a back injury lawsuit is a tedious and complex procedure. It is important to show not only the catastrophic consequences of back injuries to individuals, but also the plaintiff should prove that there was an injury and that such injury was proximately caused by the accident at issue.

It is also necessary to show the negligence or fault of the other party in causing the accident from which the back injury arose. Common examples include proving a party negligent maintained their premises which led you to slip and fall, or proving that a driver was negligent in causing a vehicular accident.

Because of the wide range of legal issues and medical problems involved in any back injury accident or personal injury accident, an important step in road to recovery is seeking the help of an experienced back injury attorney. Selecting a back injury attorney can be a hard decision so it is crucial to find a back injury lawyer who has the competence and skill to win you a reasonable amount of compensation. The back injury attorney has to be meticulous and knowledgeable about back injury law and medical issues that may arise.

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