Employee getting hurt and needing a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers’ compensation programs were developed so that injured workers didn’t need to hire lawyers. Financial and medical benefits were to be provided to injured workers automatically. However, many injured workers find that this is not the case. Herein, we describe the 6 benefits of hiring a Providence Workers’ Compensation attorney.

A Qualified Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Will:

  • Man getting medical treatment after work injuryEnsure that you receive the medical treatment you need, from a doctor you trust.
  • Have you re-evaluated by a trusted doctor, if need be.
  • Protect you from being pushed into going back to work before you’re ready.
  • Workers’ Compensation paymentMake sure you get the entitled weekly payments and the appropriate lump sum, if you are permanently disabled.
  • Let you know if you are entitled to sue your employer or another company who has acted inappropriately by creating a dangerous situation or exposing you to dangerous products.
  • Handle all the paperwork as well as the legal system so that you can focus on healing and your family.

It May Give You Peace of Mind to Know:

  • Workers’ Compensation AttorneyInjured workers are entitled to a free case evaluation by our office.
  • You can contact our workers’ compensation law office 24/7.
  • Our attorneys work on a contingency basis so you don’t pay any upfront fees or expenses. There is no hourly billing.
  • We work with many injured workers, just like you.
  • We have a network of qualified doctors who are experienced in treating and supporting injured workers.

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