Rhode Island has become a bicycling destination for many on the east coast. The state has more than 60 miles of paved bike paths and 120 miles of road marked as bike routes. Almost every weekend members of local cycling clubs take to Rhode Island roads to exercise and enjoy the state’s natural wonders. While advocacy and education have increased safety, there are still many drivers who operate their cars negligently around cyclists.

According to the CDC, more than 500,000 people visit the emergency room with bike injuries and almost 700 cyclists die each year (i). Bicycle accidents can cause road rash, muscle sprains, bone fractures, or head injuries like concussions. Serious bike accidents can lead to expensive medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. Cyclists who have suffered a serious injury should talk to a bike attorney who can give them important legal advice.

The road can be a dangerous place for cyclists, which is why they take steps towards increasing safety. Any experienced rider knows that two simple steps can reduce the chance of suffering a serious injury. First, riders should wear the appropriate gear. This means wearing a helmet and reflective clothes. Helmets are especially important as demonstrated by a recent New York Times article which found that “cycling is the top sport for head injuries.” According to the article, in just one year cyclists suffered 86,000 head injuries and 40,000 of these injuries occurred among children (ii). Second, riders should obey the rules of the road. One important aspect of this is signaling early. The earlier other vehicles know a cyclist will be stopping or turning, the more time they will have to respond safely. People who have been injured despite taking these precautions may have a valid bicycle lawsuit.

The bicycle infographic provides riders with a list of common injuries and statistics that will help them understand the importance of safety. d’Oliveira & Associates has handled accident lawsuits and they have experience negotiating with insurance companies. The bike lawyers at the firm know the importance of recovering for hospital bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. They also work with bicycle attorneys, who do not charge legal fees unless their client receives a settlement or award.

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