Black Friday is just days away and you won’t be alone if you decide to brave the day. Know that there will be 60 to 70 million other shoppers out there driving to stores for bargains on this day. And with more cars inevitably brings the potential for more accidents — especially in parking lots.

underground parking lot on Black Friday

Black Friday vs. a Normal Friday

According to Progressive Insurance, when they compared data 2010 to 2011 parking-related accident claims increased by 37% on Black Friday vs. a normal Friday.

Black Friday Insurance Claim Statistics

  • Nearly 25% of accident claims on this day are due to incidents in parking lots.
  • 13% of Black Friday car accident insurance claims were tied to rear-end collisions
  • 12.5% rear-end accidents
  • 11% arose from people running into parked cars.
  • 8% were from drivers backing into someone else’s car.

Black Friday Safety Tips:

black friday shopper

  • Pay extra attention — and be on the lookout for sudden movements
  • Drive slowly in parking lots
  • Park further away in the parking lot — don’t compete for parking spaces.