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The new informational graphic about blood disorders and Social Security Disability benefits is designed to help people understand their legal options. In order to qualify for SSD benefits a person must establish that they have worked five of the last ten years, a disability is going to prevent them from working for one year or more, and that they are under the age of sixty-five. Some blood disorders can be disabling and prevent a person from working for one year or more. For example conditions such as anemia, hemophilia, deep vein thrombosis, sickle cell disease, and other conditions can cause fatigue and weakness which prevents a person from working.

red blood cells

Anemia refers to a variety of conditions that cause lower than normal levels of red blood cells or lower than normal levels of hemoglobin. This leads to deficiencies in the oxygen supply in the body, which often causes shortness of breath and weakness.

Hemophilia refers to a number of disorders that impair the clotting/coagulation of blood. This can lead to frequent and excessive bleeding.

Deep vein thrombosis is a disorder where a large number of blood clots form, especially in the legs. If this disorder becomes severe it can be life-threatening (i).

Sickle cell disease is a rare blood disease that causes red blood cells to maintain an abnormal and rigid sickle shape. According to the CDC, 3 million people in the United States carry the sickle gene (ii).

People with these conditions or other blood conditions may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Unfortunately, many people are denied benefits after their initial application. An experienced lawyer will be able to tell you whether you have a strong case and they can help you appeal the denial of benefits.

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