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The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910 with the purpose of teaching boys “patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred values.” In 2011, the Boy Scouts had 2.7 million youth members and more than 1 million adult volunteers (i). Boys can sign up for Cub Scouting between first and fifth grade. Boy Scouting is available to boys who are between sixth and twelfth grade. Recently, facts have come to light showing that the organization knew that Scout Leaders were accused of sexual acts but did nothing to remove the Scout Leader or warn parents. This news is shocking because Scout Leaders have exclusive access to boys on camping trips and Boy Scouts events.

Boy Scouts Cover-Up and the “Perversion Files”

boy-scout-backDuring the early years of the Boy Scouts, the organization began keeping a list of men who were not allowed to become Scout Leaders because they had been accused of perverse acts with children. By 1935, this list had more than 2,900 names (ii). This list was effective in preventing the men listed from becoming Boy Scout volunteers but the organization failed when it came to dealing with perverse men who were already a part of the Boy Scouts. The organization continued to let sexual predators volunteer with the Boy Scouts even though they had been accused of sexual acts. Some of these Scout Leaders joined the organization for the sole purpose of grooming boys for abuse and isolating them from their families. The organization was forced to release these files after court orders in two cases. The most recent release of files covered the years of 1965 through 1985 with more than 15,000 pages describing sexual accusations against over 1,200 Scout Leaders (iii). These files are shocking but what is even more shocking is that they are not complete, meaning that there are more Scout Leaders who have sexually abused boys whose actions have not been recorded by the Boy Scouts and who have not yet been criminally charge or sued.

Files posted by Kosnoff Fasy: Perversion Files (1971-1991)
Files posted by O’Donnell Clark & Crew: Perversion Files (1965-1985)

Boy Scouts Lawsuits

courtroomThe disclosure of the “perversion files” has helped many victims come forward and assert their legal rights. In April 2010, a jury in Oregon awarded $18.5 million to a man who was sexually abused by an assistant Scout Leader at the age of 12. In another case a man was awarded $1.4 million (iv). Most of these sexual abuse cases have ended in settlement so it is hard to know how many legal claims have been brought against the Boy Scouts and what the settlement amounts were.

Did You Suffer Sexual Abuse While in the Boy Scouts?

personal injury lawyerIf you or a loved was sexually abused while participating in the Boy Scouts, you should talk to a personal injury lawyer. Our law firm is working with lawyers around the country who have experience handling these types of cases. A Boy Scouts lawsuit can be filed on your behalf and there is no legal fee until you receive a settlement or award for your sexual abuse injuries.

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