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The Brockton car accident lawyers at d’Oliveira & Associates have been following recent news reports about the spike in pedestrian injured due to car accidents in the city. According to a New England Cable News report, Brockton is rolling out new ideas to curb the rise of pedestrian accidents citywide. Among the plans in Brockton, where seven fatalities and 75 injuries have been reported just this year due to pedestrian accidents, are so-called “scarecrow police cruisers” to get drivers to slow down. Efforts also include better clearing of brush so pedestrians will walk on sidewalks and upgrading traffic signals on major roads such as Belmont Street.

Citywide Efforts to Curb Tragedies

police cars can be used to prevent pedestrian accidents by slowing trafficThere have been a number of tragic and heartbreaking pedestrian versus car accidents in Brockton this year including the hit-and-run incident of a man who was struck and killed just this month. Brockton city leaders are attempting to reach out to all sections of the city’s populations including school children, adult pedestrians, bus drivers and commuters in multiple languages.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is partnering with the city by putting up electronic message boards in Brockton to carry pedestrian safety alerts and messages. Police in the city also plan to step up enforcement by increasing foot patrol and reviewing existing signage. Officials have also announced a pedestrian/bike safety video contest for kids and have launched an effort to stop texting while driving, biking and walking.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrian accidents have the potential to cause significant personal injuries including brain injury, spinal cord damage, bone fractures, internal organ damage and amputations. These are injuries that often require lengthy hospitalization, loss of workdays and extended rehabilitative treatment. Pedestrian accidents also result in catastrophic injuries, those that can cause lifelong disabilities. As Brockton car accident lawyers who represent injured crash victims and their families, we welcome the city’s efforts to curb pedestrian accidents and alert both pedestrians and motorists about the dangers that lurk on our roadways.

Tips to Prevent Accidents

waiting for traffic to east can prevent pedestrian accidentsHere are a few tips for pedestrians and motorists to help prevent tragic accidents:

  • Motorists and pedestrians should refrain from driving or walking while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Being under the influence significantly impairs your judgment.
  • Motorists should make sure to come to a full stop before passing a marked or unmarked crosswalk or intersection. A number of pedestrian accidents occur because of negligent drivers who don’t pay attention to crosswalks. Pedestrians should also make sure that they walk only in areas designated for pedestrians such as crosswalks and sidewalks.
  • Motorists and pedestrians should avoid texting or talking on a cell phone while driving or walking. Focusing on electronics takes our attention away from the roadway. Whether we are driving or walking, it is important that we are constantly aware of our surroundings. When we are distracted, we lose that ability to be aware.

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