Brockton Slip and Fall accident

Slip & fall accidents are among the leading causes of injuries today. They also result in fatalities in some cases. Slip & fall accidents are usually attributed to the negligence or fault of the property owner in the maintenance of his or her premises. The question is, do you really have a slip & fall case?

Brockton Slip and Fall about to happen at a Brockton SupermarketIt is important for you to remember that slip & fall accidents are not always caused by the negligence or fault of the property owner. Sometimes, these may be caused by natural occurrences or normal sequence of events, in which case the property owner would not be held liable.

When do you have a Brockton slip and fall case?

Before the owner may be held liable for the injuries or death caused by the accident, the plaintiff must state the facts that pertain to the following elements in the complaint filed with the court and be able to prove these elements in court:

broken step that may cause a Brockton Slip and Fall accident

  1. The property owner or his employee have caused the spill, the uneven surface or the wet spot.
  2. The property owner or an employee had known or have had the opportunity to know of the dangerous surface.
  3. The property owner or his employee did not exercise reasonable efforts to repair or clean the dangerous surface.

Brockton Slip and Fall accident lawyer

Proving all of these elements require the experience of an experienced personal injury attorney. They will know how to draft the complaint so that you case will not get dismissed in court and will proceed to trial in front of a jury sympathetic to your case. They can also make sure that if the case settles, you will get enough compensation to cover you medical expenses, lost wages from work, and emotional pain and suffering. They can help you with your case from start to finish to try their best to make you complete as you were before the accident.

Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident?
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Brockton Slip and Fall Lawyer meeting injured clientCompetent slip & fall accident attorneys will be able to help you establish your case by proving the property owner’s negligence in exercising the standard of care that is required under these circumstances. d’Oliveira & Associates takes pride of their competent slip & fall attorneys in Brockton, Mass. Their Brockton slip and fall attorneys evaluate your case and provide you with legal options. They make sure that your rights are protected and that your best interests are served. The best part is that our initial consultation is for free. Call our lawyers at (508) 436-7000.