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d’Oliveira & Associates Brockton Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyers recently helped a Brockton client (name withheld due to attorney-client privilege) gain approval for SSD benefits during his appeal before an administrative law judge. The appeal yielded a decision indicating the man was entitled to over $12,000 in past-due benefits, and would be receiving over $800 per month moving forward.

depressed man that has been denied his SSD BenefitsThe man had first applied for benefits back in January of 2012, and received notification of denial a few months later in March 2012. According to the complaint, the man became disabled in October 2010, having been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, an anxiety-related condition, and a gender identity disorder. The client had been treating with his doctor for a long time, as these were long-standing problems he was experiencing. The man visited with both doctors and social workers of a psychiatric group for his emotional issues. He was prescribed medications to help with his condition, and followed up with periodic counseling. After being denied Social Security Disability benefits after his initial filing, the man hired attorney Cara Gallucci of d’Oliveira & Associates.

Attorney Gallucci compiled all necessary paperwork and documentation to pursue SSD benefits by way of the Administration’s appeals process. Ultimately, the man was found to be disabled under Administration standards and eligible to receive the Social Security Disability benefits he had initially been denied. Attorney Gallucci stated: “This was a challenging case due to the disabled individual’s age and unique situation. I am very happy that the Judge recognized the specific limitations this man had and awarded him lifetime benefits.”

person suffering from mental illnessMental illness, much like physical illness, can be disabling to the individual affected. Mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, manic depression, anxiety-related disorders, and other disabling mental illnesses may entitle you to benefits from the federal government (i, ii). Even with a positive diagnosis or psychiatric evaluation revealing a disabling mental illness, medical records indicating psychiatric visits as well as prescription medications and counseling, applicants may still be denied Social Security Disability benefits by the Administration. Following denial, these applicants are not foreclosed from receiving SSD benefits altogether, although they must go through the appeals process in order to get a second chance. An experienced disability attorney can help navigate the Administration’s complex appeals process, and help individuals obtain approval for the benefits they deserve.

Brockton Social Security Disability Benefit lawyerd’Oliveira & Associates has qualified disability attorneys and legal staff who are well-versed when it comes to handling these cases as they have been helping disabled clients for over 24 years. The firm has fifteen branches located throughout both Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, and the injury and disability attorneys stand ready to represent you and help you pursue your injury or disability claim.

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