denied Social Security Disability claim of a Brockton Woman

A d’Oliveira & Associates disability lawyer recently helped a Brockton client (name withheld to protect confidentiality) gain approval for SSD benefits during her appeal. The appeal yielded a decision stating the woman was entitled to over $24,000 in past-due benefits, and would be entitled to over $900 per month for the rest of her life.

mental illnessThe woman had applied for benefits twice before and been denied. According to the complaint, the Brockton woman became disabled in November 2011, having been suffering cognitive and mental health issues including: depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. She had been treating with her mental health team comprised of counselors and therapists, and managing the conditions with medication. After multiple filings for Social Security Disability benefits and experiencing denial, the Brockton woman hired attorney Cara Gallucci, who manages the Brockton, MA office of d’Oliveira & Associates.

Attorney Gallucci compiled all relevant paperwork and documentation necessary to pursue the Administration’s appeals process. The woman was ultimately found to be disabled by the Administration standards and eligible for government benefits she had initially been denied. Attorney Gallucci stated: “I am very happy that this client was approved. Her condition is very fragile and she definitely needed the security of having benefits for her lifetime.”

Mental and cognitive disabilities can have a significant effect on the individual, inhibiting their ability to work and engage in other daily activities. Mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression may be qualifying disabilities for the Social Security Administration’s purposes; thus, entitling you to federal government benefits. In spite of thorough medical documentation and diligent treatment, first-time applicants – and even repeat applicants – may still be denied and found ineligible by the Administration. Following a denial of benefits, applicants should be persistent with their appeal and reconsideration opportunities. A knowledgeable disability attorney can help clients through the difficult administrative processes and help that individual receive approval for the benefits they are entitled to.

Social Security Disability lawyer helping a Brockton Womand’Oliveira & Associates has experienced disability attorneys and legal staff, who are familiar with disability cases and stand ready to help individuals get the benefits they deserve. The firm has fifteen office locations across Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, so call, visit us online, or stop in for a free (no obligation) consultation of your potential Social Security Disability case.