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Accident injuries are among the leading causes of fatality for all ages in the United States. Injuries and deaths resulting from accidents are unintentional, but this does not mean that a victim has to carry the burden of the costs alone. Protection of a person’s right to life and safety must be afforded whenever possible. This is why the victim will need the help of an accident lawyer who can represent him in defending his rights in court.

injured leg of accident victimIf you or your loved ones need an accident lawyer, you need the services of not just any lawyer, but a competent and experienced lawyer. It is highly important to prove not only the physical injuries caused by the accident, but the other consequences brought about by the accident. These may include the financial losses, medical costs, lost opportunities, and even emotional distress.

In making a claim, the accident lawyer also needs to be efficient in obtaining records, getting medical bills and reports as quickly as possible, in order to ensure fair settlement. Finally, the negligence of the other party has to be specifically proven.

Victim needing an Accident Lawyer

Negligence is the failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances. The idea of negligence is to encourage people to exercise reasonable care and take into account of the potential harm that they might foreseeable cause to other people. The elements that the plaintiffs would have to prove in a negligence suit are:

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  • The defendant owed them a duty of care, the duty of care can also arise under certain circumstances when there is no privity of contract between the two parties,
  • The defendant breached that duty
  • There was a direct cause and a legal cause between the defendant’s actions and the plaintiffs’ injury, and
  • The plaintiff is entitled to damages that arose from the defendant’s negligence.

Accident Lawyer gathering evidenceAn experienced Rhode Island attorney will be able to break down the elements and prove each of them flawlessly to the court to ensure that a jury verdict will be in your favour. A jury randomly selected from your community will be more sympathetic to you, the victim, rather than the big manufacturer, trucking company, whichever “deep pocket” defendant that had harmed you. However, presentation of your case will be crucial to their determination of the result.

Accident Lawyer meeting clientd’Oliveira & Associates works with only the most reputable and trusted accident lawyers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We handle personal injury and disability cases alone, which means that we also have over 29 years of expertise and mastery of the field. We also pay for the costs of necessary expenses, and we will only be compensated for these costs if the case settles and you are compensated for your losses.

If you choose not to come to any of our law offices in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, we make sure that someone is sent to your home or hospital, providing personal attention to the case. You may get in touch with our lawyers at our toll-free number, 1-800-992-6878, in order to discuss your case or schedule an appointment with an accident lawyer. The good news is your initial consultation is for free.