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Car accidents are an everyday occurrence in the United States, so they are usually not labeled newsworthy. One type of car accident that almost always makes the news are car-building crashes. Car-building crashes occur when a vehicle collides with a building, like a gym or a coffee shop, that likely results in property damage and personal injuries. It is shocking to know that these types of motor vehicle crashes are on the rise in the U.S. today.

What Are The Most Common Causes A Car Crashes Into A Building?

Operator Error. It is not surprising that the most common cause of cars crashing into buildings is operator error. Operator error occurs when the driver of a vehicle makes a mistake that results in their car striking a building.

car out of control

Pedal Error. Pedal error is when the driver of the vehicle taps the gas pedal instead of the brakes. This can cause cars crashing into buildings, especially when the car is parked right in front of the store front. One simple foot error could leave a whole business in shambles and people severely injured.

Other. There are a variety of other conditions that can cause a vehicle to crash into a building. The most concerning cause of car-building crashes is drunk driving with 17% of the time being the cause of a crash. Other causes that are less common include:

  • Traffic Accidents
  • Medical Emergencies
  • “Ram Raids” (Intentional Hitting of a Building)
  • Weather

Why Are Car-Building Crashes Especially Dangerous?

Fires. One of the main concerns of car-building crashes is the igniting of a fire. Depending on the point of impact, the car could burst into flames or damage a part of the building infrastructure causing a gas leak. First responders who respond to the crash are especially cautious because of this potential unseen danger. As a general safety rule, everyone inside that building and nearby buildings should evacuate immediately until your local fire department declares the property safe again.

windshield shattered after car crash

Injuries. Cars crashing into buildings can cause serious injuries, not only to the driver of the car, but also anyone who is inside the building. The most serious injuries to be aware of include any pain in your head, neck, or back, as these can be indications of serious injuries that if not treated properly can cause permanent damage.

Risk Factors. Car-building crashes have become more prevalent in recent years. Researchers have now identified individuals who pose certain traits that make them particularly likely to crash into a building. One of the leading factors is of course age. Young drivers are more prone to distractions, which lead to an increased likelihood of making an operator or pedal error. On the other hand, elderly drivers have slower reaction times and decreased eyesight, which makes it harder to correct an operator or pedal error in time.

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