Hospital Infection

Hospital infections and healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) are infections that can occur when hospital officials become negligent and complacent, and when the hospital staff fails to practice proper hygiene. This makes the transmission and spread of bacteria and viruses likely, and the hospital; an environment that sustains the existence of bacteria.

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While most states have their initiatives and laws to ensure maximum surveillance and compliance with the standards of professional care, many hospitals still fail to meet the minimum requirement. In choosing your hospital, it is important to know what causes these infections and to check whether your hospital has adequate and properly-maintained facilities that will not expose you to such infections. These infections may aggravate the condition of the patient, and in certain cases, may even result to death. There are easy ways to prevent infection and knowing what is a hospital infection and what causes it will help.

The following are the common causes of Healthcare-Associated Infections:

Hospital Infection from Invasive Surgery
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  • Unsafe water supply
  • Unsafe kitchen and food handling such as feeding with uncooked, undercooked or contaminated food, unhygienic preparation of food, improper storage of food and others
  • Lack of or inappropriate hand washing facilities
  • Improper execution of invasive procedures
  • Poor sanitation protocol regarding uniforms, wearing of gloves and hand washing
  • Poor equipment sterilization procedures
  • Inadequate ventilation for isolation rooms, intensive care units and operation areas

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  • Contamination of touch surfaces such as bed rails, call buttons, door handles, soap dispensers, tabletops and others
  • Incorrect handling of laundry
  • Poor housekeeping
  • Lack of or poor isolation precautionary measures
  • Improper traffic flow that exposes high-risk patients to threats
  • Poor measures to control insects and other carriers of infection
  • Inadequate cleaning of the hospital facilities and environment
  • Improper management and disposal of wastes


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