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D. Robin Gouveia represents our clients in the city of Central Falls, Rhode Island. Attorney Gouveia has been practicing personal injury law for over 20 years with d’Oliveira & Associates, and has extensive experience and familiarity in these types of cases. Since joining our team, Attorney Gouveia has become a reputable lawyer that her clients trust to get them the money they deserve. She knows not only how to get you the right settlement, but how to get it for you quickly.

Injured In a Car Accident in Central Falls? We Can Help You!

central falls car accidentAttorney Gouveia and her staff have settled many car accident claims in Rhode Island. If you are injured in a car accident in Central Falls, you may be entitled to compensation, which pays for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other losses. Our law firm charges a 1/3 fee, and you only have to pay us if you obtain a settlement or award. Remember, a good lawyer should not cost you more money, they should get you more money. Learn more.

Injured In a Motorcycle Accident in Central Falls?

central falls motorcycle accident claimMotorcycle accident cases in Central Falls can be extensive and challenging because insurance company claims adjusters will attempt to display that the motorcyclist was totally or partially at fault and was responsible for the accident taking place. These cases can be difficult to win, which is why you should consider having a reliable RI personal injury lawyer to help you. Learn more.

Injured From a Slip and Fall?

central falls slip and fall claimSlip and fall cases can be stressful because insurance companies have a tendency to reject or lessen settlement proposals. Typically, a slip and fall accident takes place because of a defect or unsafe condition on the property. Insurance companies try to show that the victim was at fault for not paying attention to a dangerous condition, such as ice or a slippery floor. We have successfully handled many slip and fall cases and charge no fee unless we get you money you deserve. Learn more.

Injured From a Dog Bite? Don’t Wait!

central falls dog bite claimAttorney Gouveia has successfully obtained settlements for people injured by a dog bite in Central Falls and surrounding neighborhoods. Frequently, when a dog bite takes place on the owner’s property, their homeowner’s insurance coverage will compensate those bitten for their medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other losses. Our firm charges the typical 1/3 fee only if we get you a settlement or award. Learn more.

Injured At Work? We Can Help With Your Workers’ Compensation!

central falls workers compensationWorkers’ Compensation aims to help employees injured at work to become capable of receiving payments for their injuries and medical expenses, among other losses. This is usually given to the injured party by the employer’s insurance company. However, receiving workers’ compensation benefits is not always easy, and may take time. The procedures can be challenging to comprehend and the rules can be sophisticated. We work with some of the most practiced and educated workers’ compensation lawyers in Rhode Island. Learn more.

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Things to See and Do in and Around Central Falls, Rhode Island

central falls signPhoto Source:

Central Falls is one of the smallest towns in the state of Rhode Island. In fact, it’s only one square mile big, making it a very walkable city. It is a town known for its rich history and diversity. Located in southern New England, Central Falls is easily accessible from Providence, Boston, Hartford and Worcester. It has a population of about 19,000. It also has the distinction of being one of only four incorporated places in New England that have a higher population density than the city of Boston.

Central Falls was originally one of several villages in the town of Smithfield. However, in 1871, the area experienced a tremendous growth spurt and split into three smaller towns. The area now known as Central Falls then became part of the town of Lincoln. When growth continued in Lincoln, it gave birth to an independent town of Central Falls.

While Quakers made up the majority of settlers in the area, they were soon followed by a diverse mix of immigrants from Ireland, Scotland and French Canada. In recent decades, a large number of Latino immigrants have found a home here. Central Falls prides itself on being an extremely diverse city. When the city celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1995, more than 100 countries were represented.

Here are some of the interesting places to see and things to do in and around Central Falls.

Historical Places

Central Falls is a city that is rich in culture and urban streetscapes. The following are some of the interesting historic locations to see in the city, most of which were added at some point to the National Register of Historic Places:

Samuel B. Conant HousePhoto Source: John Phelan, April 2013

  • Samuel B. Conant House, 104 Clay Street: This is a colonial revival house that was construction in 1895.
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  • Benjamin F. Greene House, 85 Cross Street: This house was built by Clifton A. Hall and Wheeler & Merchant in 1868.
  • Jenks Park and Cogswell Tower, 580 Broad Street: Located near city hall, this site was built in 1890 by Alber Humes. The 4-acre park was a gift from Alvin Jenks to the city. The park at one time had beautiful fishponds, but now it retains the original Fales and Jenks iron umbrellas, the tall clock tower and walkways. It is considered the symbol of the city.
valley falls millPhoto Source:

  • The Valley Falls Mill, 1363 Broad Street: The Valley Falls Company is on both sides of the Blackstone River. Founded by Oliver Chace, it contributed to the textile industry in the region.
  • Flagg Museum, 209 Central Street: The Lysander and Susan Flagg museum is located right next door to the city’s library. It showcases local history with a large collection of maps, newspapers, photographs, paintings and artifacts.

Chocolate Mill Overlook Park, Roosevelt Avenue and Charles Street

chocolate mill overlook parkPhoto from

This park is located on the banks of the Blackstone River in Central Falls and celebrates one of North America’s earliest water-powered chocolate mills. Founded nearly a decade before Slater Mill, the William Wheat Chocolate Mill provided its products not only to nearby residents, but also to the military and mariners as medicinal sustenance. The mill was damaged by a storm in 1804 and was demolished in the ensuing decades. However, the dam built for the mill is still extant in the Blackstone River, as is the original foundation of the mill.

Chocolate Mill Overlook park design overviewPhoto from

The Chocolate Mill Overlook, maintained by the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, provides waterfront access to this section of the Blackstone River, including a stone stairway that will allow kayak/canoe access. It also includes a rain garden to filter street water run-off, relocates a veteran’s memorial to make it more accessible, and creates bus and car parking for school tours and veterans’ visits. Also, the land is home to the state’s largest champion Cottonwood tree and contains four cherry trees, which were part of the centennial celebration of Japan’s gift of the trees to various U.S. cities. Visit

Pierce Park and Riverwalk, High Street

Pierce Park and Riverwalk is located on High Street along the Blackstone River. Constructed in 1991, it houses a ball field, trail systems with river overlooks, benches and playground facilities. It is also the site of the Pierce Fight.

Tours along the Blackstone River, Central Falls Landing

Blackstone River toursPhoto from

Once polluted, the Blackstone River has been revived and resuscitated nicely. You could take a cruise along the river and take in views of beautiful plants and trees as well as swan, herons, geese, ducks, turtles and hawks. The Riverboat “Explorer” is also available to summer camp field trips, birthday parties and senior groups. The boat can accommodate up to 40 people. For more information, visit

Central Falls Restaurants


  • Village Pizza 650 Dexter Street. A local pizza place that’s served locals since 1971. They also offer many other items such as calzones, gyros, ribs, wings, spinach pies, soups, salads, pasta dinners and grinders. Dine-in and takeout available.
  • Stanley’s Restaurant 535 Dexter Street. One of the area’s oldest restaurants, Stanley’s has been open since 1932, specializing in burgers and simple American fare. Stanley burgers are known in the region for its grilled onions and pickles.
  • El Antojo Bakery, 494 Dexter Street. This is a Colombian owned restaurant and bakery that serves authentic Colombian food that includes breakfast and lunch.
  • El Paisa Restaurant and Bar, 598 Dexter Street. A Colombian restaurant that serves authentic food. They are known for their pineapple juice, whole fried fish and other unique delicacies from Colombia.
  • Sonrisas Restaurante, 48 Cross Street. This restaurant offers exclusive Central American cuisine from pupusas to steaks and seafood.