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Workplace injuries effect approximately 2.9 million workers in the U.S. each year. Because many workers do not seek treatment for injuries they suffer at work, it is likely that this number is actually higher. One of the most important steps to take after a workplace injury is getting medical attention. This not only protects your physical health and well-being, but also documents your account of the events that led up to the injury.

woman seeing a new doctor after having work injuriesDuring the course of your treatment, you may wish to see a new doctor or see a specialist for specific issues related to the injury. Each state has laws in place that govern how to go about changing doctors when there is a workers’ compensation claim involved. It is important to understand how these rules may impact your claim and treatment choices. In Rhode Island, for example, you may need to get permission from your employer or the insurance company before changing doctors. An experienced Coventry workers’ compensation lawyer can help you navigate these options and may be able to file a Coventry workers’ compensation lawsuit on your behalf.

When Can You Change Doctors for a Work-Related Injury?

In Rhode Island, you are able to choose the first doctor you go to for your work-related injury. However, if you want to later change your provider, you may have to get approval from your employer or the insurance company prior to the change. If your employer or their insurer has an approved Preferred Provider Network (PPN) list of doctors, then you can choose from this list and change providers.

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In this case, your medical treatment will be covered. If the doctor you want to switch to is not on the PPN list, you will need to get the approval of your employer or the insurance company before seeing the new provider. Failing to get this prior approval could result in you being responsible for the medical bills from the new provider.

Can My Doctor Refer Me to a Specialist?

Doctor talking to patient with spinal cord injury from work injury accidentYour first choice doctor can refer you to a specialist for consultation, assessment, or specific treatment that is directly related to your work-related injury. This does not require the prior approval of your employer or the insurance company and will generally be covered by workers’ compensation.

Are Assistive Devices Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

leg and ankle of injured worker who will need a RI workers compensation lawyerAssistive devices that are needed to help you recover from your injuries are generally covered under workers’ compensation. These can include items such as crutches, glasses, braces, supportive devices, artificial limbs, and braces. However, there are exceptions. Hearing aids, for instance, are not covered under workers’ compensation.

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