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Healthcare professionals are obligated to perform their duty in accordance with the accepted norm of their practice. A medical practitioner, whose treatment or procedure falls below this requisite standard due to a deliberate act or omission, or even negligence, is guilty of medical malpractice. The results can be permanently damaging to a person’s physical form, emotions, mental state and finances, which makes the victim entitled to significant compensation. A medical malpractice lawsuit, however, is complex, risky and costly, which is why selecting the right attorney is important. Here is a quick guide to choosing your medical malpractice lawyer.

  1. Shop around. This is the best starting point to find the best lawyer. Ask around, check the Internet and write down the recommended medical malpractice lawyers. It pays to consider every possible option.
  2. Consider the lawyer or the law firm’s field of expertise and experience. Just like healthcare professionals, lawyers have specializations. Your lawyer’s level of experience and expertise is the key to speeding up processes. Those with the right experience and expertise have a defined framework and network needed in your case.
  3. Look at past cases handled. Education and credentials are important, but their achievements in past verdicts and settlements will show their competence.
  4. Check the resources and financial capacity. A medical malpractice lawsuit could be highly time-consuming and expensive, especially since they seldom settle. There may be a need to pay for expert witnesses to testify for your case, or to use costly laboratory test results for exhibits. The firm or the lawyer has to be financially capable to advance these expenses for you or else, you may end up accepting an inadequate settlement if the firm runs out of resources.
  5. Ask for references. Nothing beats the word of an actual client. If the lawyer opts to maintain client confidentiality, you may do your own research through news archives or articles.
  6. Choose the lawyer or the law firm you feel most confident and comfortable with. In the end, the lawyer that has achieved that level of trust and personal connection is the right medical malpractice lawyer for you.

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