dog attacking a victim about to suffer from dog bites

Dog attacks often result in painful physical injuries and psychological trauma, regardless of the victim’s age. Children tend to suffer the most severe physical injuries, often because of their smaller size. Animal shelters, kennels, dog sitters and dog walkers can be held liable if a dog in their presence bites someone, even if they do not own the dog. In Newport, Rhode Island, plaintiffs of dog bite injuries may be entitled to damages in dog bite cases. More than half of all dog bites occur in the home, most of which are caused by the pet of a family member or friend. In addition, visitors to a home, such as repairmen or deliverymen have a better probability of being the victims of a Newport dog bite.

What are Common Types of Dog Bite Incidents in Newport?

There are many different types of dog bite incidents that could occur in Newport. Here are examples of a few scenarios:

    a child petting a dog in a park

  1. Most commonly in Newport, a child may be bitten while petting or playing with a dog they do not know. For example, a child who is playing in the park or walking down the street, stops to pet an unknown dog and gets bitten.
  2. A visiting child who gets bitten by the dog in the host’s home. A number of these incidents occur when a child is visiting a friend for a play date or when a child is visiting a family member for a holiday or gathering. Dog owners in such situations tend to let their guards down.
  3. An infant or young child who is mauled by a dog when left unsupervised by a caregiver.
  4. An adult who is attacked by a dog while going on a walk, or simply walking on the street.
  5. Children or adults who are attacked by packs of loose dogs, which have either escaped from their home or have been allowed by their owners to roam on the street.
  6. Dogs that attack in a public place because they have not been kept on a leash as required by the city’s leash laws.
  7. Mail carriers who get bitten by dogs on the job. Nationwide, 5,767 postal employees were attacked in 2014, according to the U.S. Postal Service. In addition to mail carriers others who come to do work in homes such as gardeners, repairmen and pool cleaners are also in danger of getting attacked and injured by dogs.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Injured By A Dog Bite in Newport?

dog-biteThere are several steps you can take if you have been injured in a dog bite incident. First, get the names and phone numbers for the dog owner and anyone who may have witnessed the incident. Get prompt medical attention for your injuries. Keep records of doctor’s office or hospital bills and copies of any receipts related to your injuries. Report the incident to animal control authorities. This is particularly important if the dog was not wearing a license tag and you don’t know who the owner is. City or county agencies have the ability to locate and quarantine the dog so it cannot attack or harm others in the community.

Contact a Newport Dog Bite Lawyer

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