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Thirteen workers were recently injured in a construction accident in California, after a building collapsed on a worksite. According to a San Francisco Chronicle news report, no workers were seriously injured in the collapse, despite the fact that 20 workers fell from scaffolding. When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they found some of the workers dangling from the scaffolding while others were sinking in wet concrete. Other workers were desperately trying to shovel out their co-workers. Although the injuries were minor, officials say the accident could have easily been fatally tragic. In the summer months especially, be sure to use caution on and around construction sites, and if you are injured, do not hesitate to call an experienced RI construction accident lawyer to help you.

Why Are There More Workplace Injuries In The Summer?

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Since the winter months are too harsh to work outside, spring and summer are the busiest times of the year for construction projects. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more injuries occur during the summer months than any other time of the year. In addition, the study points out that injuries are less frequently reported near the end of the calendar year. Some of the most common injuries that occur on Rhode Island construction sites include falls from high-up scaffolding, “struck-by” injuries, and electrocutions. It is important that construction companies take all the necessary steps to enhance worker safety during these months, when construction activity is at its busiest.

What Are Some Ways To Prevent Workplace Accidents?

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  • Make smart use of safety technology. Cellphone apps can provide useful information for workers faced with site hazards that could lead to falls. Apps can also help provide training and up-to-date OSHA information for workers.
  • Conduct a workplace safety audit that zeroes in on identifying weaknesses in the existing fall protection program. A comprehensive and thorough safety audit can help companies come up with practical solutions and creative fall hazard controls. These types of safety hazards should be conducted on a regular basis.
  • Plan ahead so you are able to provide the right safety materials for workers before they begin work on the project. Having a concrete plan when you start the project will help avoid unnecessary missteps and tragic accidents.
  • It is crucial that workers are provided with conventional fall protection devices such as safety nets, harnesses, and guardrails.
  • Invest in worker training that focuses on proper use of fall arrest systems.

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