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Of all the hazards that can cause accidents at construction sites, worker fatigue is among most common. A new technology known as Fatigue Science is now being utilized at companies such as Caterpillar Safety Services that can actually alert workers and employers of the likelihood of an accident before it occurs. The technology takes the form of a smartband, similar to the popular Fitbit bands, and tracks data such as daily movement and sleep patterns of worker who wear it. Ultimately, this data is used to provide an adequate warning of fatigue to prevent accidents and workers’ compensation claims that could arise as a result.

Is Fatigue Common on Construction Sites?

Construction SiteWith many construction jobs requiring long shifts and intense physical labor, fatigue is all too common on many sites. According to a study conducted by Caterpillar Safety Services, overtired workers account for about 100,000 accidents, 1,357 construction related fatalities, and 71,000 injuries each year in the U.S. It was with this in mind that Caterpillar developed the Cat Smartband to monitor worker fatigue and send out an alert if an employee is too tired to operate heavy machinery.

How Does the Smartband Prevent Construction Accidents?

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The Caterpillar Smartband is worn on the wrist and works in a similar way as the widely used fitness tracker, the Fitbit. Each worker is assigned a wristband and wears the band for a thirty day period. While being worn, the band tracks the daily movement and activity of the user and also monitors the quality of sleep at night. After the test period, each worker is given a score that assesses their fatigue level, and recommendations are given on healthy sleep and lifestyle habits. This data provides extremely helpful feedback and gives workers incentive to make healthy choices and improve work performance while preventing accidents.

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