Crash-Related Injury Lawsuits

Crashes can cause serious and long-lasting injuries to all parties involved in the accident. A crash puts a lot of stress on the head, neck, spine, and joints. Damage to the musculoskeletal or nervous system can impair a crash victim’s ability to complete and enjoy even the simplest of routine activities. People who have sustained crash-related injuries may need the help of a personal injury lawyer in order to recover damages for medical expenses and other expenses.

Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority Train Crash

On November 29, 2012, the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority (MBTA) experienced a train accident on its Green Line at the Boyleston station. The train crashed into a parked train causing injuries to about 37 people. After an investigation, the MBTA stated that crash was caused by human error; specifically the operator was going 13 miles per hour over the set speed limit. MBTA officials stated that the two trains “made contact” causing “no derailment, no damage on the exterior of the cars.” However, witnesses of the accident describe the crash much differently. According to Boston Daily, witnesses said “it felt like a bomb went off” and one man landed “face-first onto the concrete platform.” Some of the people injured by the crash were strapped to gurneys and transported to the hospital. This accident describes only one circumstance out of many in which crash-related injuries may be sustained.

Crash-Related Injuries

Crash-related injuries commonly occur when a party to an accident makes impact with a steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or other blunt object. Crash-related injuries also include scratches, cuts, and burns. Additionally, crash-related injuries may also require a victim to seek psychological treatment. One of the most common injuries caused by a crash is whiplash. Whiplash describes a range of injuries to the neck and vertebrae, including the joints, nerves, and muscles. Whiplash symptoms may appear days or weeks after the accident. Traumatic Brain Injury is another common injury caused by a car crash. Symptoms of such an injury may include headache, nausea, impaired balance, confusion, dilation of the eyes, or unconsciousness.

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