Dangerous Occupation

Many of the difficult occupations that make life easier and more-efficient for Americans every day goes without a single “thank you” from consumers and employers. However, what some people may not understand is that many of these occupations to give consumers valuable goods or materials are also some of the most dangerous in the country. With many of these careers paying lower wages, it is hard for many of these employees to pay for their medical bills if they are injured on the job. It is important that if you are injured on the job, regardless of your occupation, that you contact a Coventry workers’ compensation lawyer who can help alleviate your financial burden.

What Are Some of The Most Dangerous Jobs In America?

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics analysis report, here are the top ten most dangerous occupations of 2016:

  1. logger loading transportLogger – With a fatality rate of more than 110 per 100,000 workers, logging was rated the most dangerous occupation in America. With a total of 78 reported deaths due, many of these can be attributed to faulty machinery, falling trees and dangerous conditions which make the workplace dangerous.
  2. fisherman working on a netFisherman and Fishing workers – With bad weather also imminent on many areas of the open seas, it is not surprising to see the fatality rate of 80.8 workers per 100,000 workers, with 22 total in the year. Malfunctioning gear, especially with the boat or electrical communications on board, make it very easy for injuries to occur.
  3. pilotAircraft Pilots – Although aircraft travel is thought to be one of the safest means of travel, with a fatality rate of 64 per 100,000 workers, with a total of 82 in the year, it is evident that aircraft pilots inherently work dangerous jobs. Much like fishing, air travel leaves little to zero room for error, as it is very hard to recover from a malfunctioning plane or injured pilot.
  4. tool belt of rooferRoofers – Besides the heat which can lead to dehydration and exhaustion while working in the summer months, falls and fractures are the leading injuries for the 47.4 per 100,000 workers who see fatal injuries in the roofing industry.
  5. GarbageGarbage Material Collectors – With the dangers of the garbage themselves, along with moving machinery and vehicles, it is not surprising that 35.8 per 100,000 workers see fatal injuries during the course of their work.
  6. farmer infront of his tractorFarmers – Long hours and extended uses of heavy machinery have made farming noticeably more dangerous than some would expect. Faulty equipment when in use of exhausting days on a farm see more than 26 fatal injuries per 100,000 workers.
  7. steel factorySteel Workers – Not including only those who use extremely hot welding materials to place steel beams together, but those who work the cranes to attach the steel beams are seen as reasons why 25.2 per 100,000 workers see their injuries become fatal.
  8. truckingTruck Driver – From car accidents, exhausted driving and malfunctioning motor parts, 24.7 per 100,000 workers see fatal injuries every year.
  9. power linesElectrical Power Line Installers – With the mixture of bad weather, extremely dangerous live electrical lines and little to no protection from these elements, it is surprising that the number of fatalities, 19.2 per 100,000, is not higher. Falling from electrical buckets is also seen as a potential injury.
  10. taxi cabsTaxi Driver – Much like truck drivers, the dangers of driving a taxi are numerous. Matched with the stress of getting passengers to their destination in a timely manner, 18 per 100,000 workers see fatal injuries every year.

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