In recognition of Workers’ Memorial Week, the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (NCOSH) released an investigative report on working and safety conditions that named the top twelve (12) most dangerous companies to work for across the country. The report, entitled “The Dirty Dozen 2018, Employers Who Put Workers and Communities at Risk,” calls out employers who fail to make worker safety a priority. Also noted in the report is the rise in work-related injury and death over the past several years. Dangerous Place to Work Tesla Motors Factory floor Many large, well-known companies, including Lowes Home Improvement, Tesla Motors, Amazon, IHOP, Applebee’s, and Lynnway Auto Auction were identified as among the most dangerous places to work. The injuries reported in connection with these corporate giants were oftentimes preventable. With workplace injuries on the rise, it is thought that an increasing number of Rhode Island workers’ compensation lawsuits will be filed. If you have been injured at work, an experienced Rhode Island workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get all the benefits you are entitled to.

What Types of Work-Related Injuries did the Report Identify?

Work-Related InjuriesThe NCOSH Report identified a number of hazards in the workplace that continue to put workers in danger. The report also highlighted a disturbing increase in the number of fatalities in connection with work-related injuries. This number rose to a total of 5,190 fatalities in 2016, which represented a 12% increase nationally since 2012. The most common cause of injuries to workers was noted to be a failure on the part of the employer to provide a safe working environment. In particular, NCOSH found that tens of millions of workers across the U.S. suffer from unnecessary dangers at work because their employers do not implement widely accepted and often required safety procedures. Some examples include failing to provide safety equipment, failing to fix dangerous warehouse conditions, failing to monitor working conditions, failing to report injuries, and exposing employees to dangerous chemicals and materials. Sadly, the report indicated that nearly all of the hazardous conditions in these work places were preventable through known safety procedures.

What Should I do if I am Injured at Work?

Injured at WorkIf you are injured at work it is important to seek medical attention right away if needed. Make sure you let your supervisor know what happened and file an incident report. It is also a good idea to get the names and contact information of any other employees who witnessed the incident. Document what happened including the conditions at the time of the injury. For instance, it could be important to note whether the floor was wet or safety procedures were not being followed. Finally, you may want to seek the advice of an experienced Rhode Island workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you get all the benefits you are entitled to for your injuries.

Contact an Experienced Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation LawyerIf you have been injured while at work, you may be entitled to collect workers’ compensation benefits for lost wages, medical bills and possibly a lump sum settlement, among other benefits. Our firm works with experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Rhode Island, and there are no fees unless you receive an award or settlement. For a free (no obligation) case evaluation, call us toll free at 1-800-992-6878 or fill out a contact form online.