car accident on the dangerous roads of Warwick, Rhode Island

Every year thousands of people will experience the traumatic effects of an auto accident. Although in some cases accidents are inevitable, in other scenarios the crash may have been avoided. Simply exercising a higher level of caution could be the solution to avoiding accidents.

There are some simple steps you can take to help you avoid being victim of an auto accident. It is also important to be aware of areas where driving may be a little more dangerous, allowing for you to operate your vehicle more cautiously. If you are injured in an auto accident, it is important to contact a knowledgeable Warwick auto accident lawyer.

Dangerous Roads in Warwick Rhode Island:

Aerial view of Warwick's most Dangerous RoadsBald Hill Rd/Toll Gate Rd Intersection | Photo Source:

According to the 2012 accident data from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation some of the roads in Warwick RI are known to be particularly dangerous and may require extra caution:

  • Toll Gate Rd – This busy intersection consisting of Toll Gate Rd and Bald Hill Rd (Rt. 2) saw 141 accidents in the year 2012.
  • Bald Hill Rd – The intersection of East Ave near the old Rhode Island Mall there were 137 accidents.
  • Warwick Ave – Where Warwick Avenue meets 117 A near where Oakland Beach is located saw 100 accidents.
  • Centerville Rd – This road is known to stay busy and saw 92 accidents where it leads to I-95.
  • Post Rd – This is the exit off Route 37 and is known to be tricky due to the particular set up of the merge onto Post Road. This area saw 80 accidents.
  • Finally, Exit 15 on I-95 – This split exit that leads toward Jefferson Boulevard in Warwick saw 68 accidents in 2012.

Steps to Take to Prevent an Auto Accident:

  1. tired driverDon’t Drive Tired – Avoid falling asleep at the wheel by avoiding driving tired all together. If you do happen to get tired while you are driving you should pull over and rest. Do not fight through the tired feeling. It is crucial that you stay perceptive of your surroundings, and are awake and alert while driving.
  2. Never Run Red Light – This seems like a simple concept, but happens more frequently than you would think. Never run a red light, or enter any intersection when a light is already red.
  3. speed laneAvoid the High Speed Lane – When you use the middle lane as opposed to the high speed lane you leave yourself more escape options if a problem should occur. If something happens that would require you to suddenly change lanes you would have more options if you were traveling in the middle lane as opposed to the fast lane.
  4. Watch the Area Ahead – While you are driving it is important to make sure to watch the car directly in front of you but it is also important to pay attention to the area and vehicles in front of them. This could increase your chances at seeing a problem and give you the ability to react quicker. This would decrease your chances of rear-ending the care in front of you if they should have to stop short.
  5. mirrorBeware of Blind Spot’s – You should always make sure that your rear view and side mirrors are adjusted properly. This will provide you with a better view of the area surrounding your vehicle and any cars that are near you. But don’t solely rely on these mirrors to provide you with information. You should always turn and look at your blind spot to make sure there are no cars in your way.
  6. driving“9 and 3” – This is the number one rule we all learn in driver’s education when we are first getting our license, and that is because it is very important. Always keep your hands at 9 and 3. Don’t be lazy and only rest your hand at the top or bottom of the steering wheel. In order to ensure complete control of your vehicle you should always have your hands in the correct position.
  7. drunk-drivingNever Drive Under the Influence – Never operate a vehicle if you are under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. Besides the fact that it is illegal to do so it can cause your risk of an accident to sky rocket. Your perception and reaction time will be significantly impaired as well as your overall ability to drive. Some of the worst accidents are caused by driving under the influence.

Taking the advice provided in these easy to follow steps can help you be an overall better driver. Rhode Island drivers have been specifically ranked as some of the worst drivers in the country. According to the 2014 Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report as a city Providence is ranked to have some of the worst and dangerous drivers in America.

Do you need a Warwick auto accident lawyer?

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