Driving in the New England area is not just challenging, but it can also be dangerous. According to an analysis of data on high-crash interchanges by GoLocal, it appears that the majority of dangerous roadways in Rhode Island are right here in Providence. The data was culled out from the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program’s “5 Percent Report.” In addition to Providence’s interchange woes, eight of out 10 of the most dangerous interchanges in all of the New England area are in Rhode Island and seven of those are on the Interstate 95 corridor that runs through the heart of Providence.

Why Are These Interchanges Dangerous?

How can we as drivers make use of this information? For one, we can exercise additional caution at these known dangerous locations. Any interchange can be dangerous because of the manner in which some people speed up or change lanes. Here is a list of the most dangerous intersections in Providence and what makes them so hazardous:

  • I-95 at Exit 25: The report states that there were 122 crashes at this location involving 53 injuries. There were no fatalities however. This intersection may be particularly hazardous because of the confusion that results from Smithfield Avenue and North Main Street having their own lanes.
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  • Route 6 and 10: This is an intersection where drivers tend to make quick lane changes and that in itself can be extremely risky. For elderly drivers or those who lack quick reflexes, this can be a very dangerous location. There were 152 crashes reported here involving 79 injuries.
  • I-95 at Exit 24: One fatality, 52 injuries and a total of 134 traffic accidents were reported at this location, which can get dangerous especially during rush hour traffic toward and from downtown.
  • I-95 at Exit 18: Thurbers Avenue at this location has a number of twists and turns, which can prove difficult for some motorists. One fatality, 86 injuries and 232 crashes were reported at this location.
  • I-95 at Exit 23: This is a tricky location for drivers who are looking for the state house exit. At this dangerous intersection, two deaths, 50 injuries and 98 crashers were reported.
  • I-95 at Exit 22: This location saw a total of 347 crashes, two fatalities and 54 injuries. Vehicles tend to travel at high speeds at this location, which puts everyone in harm’s way.
  • I-95 at Exit 20: This is the most dangerous interchange in all of New England. So motorists would be well advised to use extreme caution at this location. Two deaths, 90 injuries and a total of 217 crashes were reported here.

If You Have Been Injured

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